RagRug Rumble

What do you do when
a) the wood floor in front of the sink needs somethign to soak up all the splashes
b) hubby has lots of old tshirts with a variety of holes??
Answer: use the scissors, some suggestions from Yarn mag and google a bit:

This is one t-shirt and an hour with a crochet hook – it’s about the right size to stand a teapot on. I figure if I can get all the t-shirts cut up, it’ll only take a couple of weeks to hook up a rug. I’m wondering, though, whether I should die up the strips in red/brown/orange (tends to be the colour scheme in my kitchen) and then make it up – ‘twould certainly hide look presentable for longer than a white mat at the kitchen sink! AND I get to try dyeing things!!! :>


5 thoughts on “RagRug Rumble

  1. Hi Kate. I sent you an e-mail following your comment on my blog (about Captain Underpants) but got a non-delivery notice.
    Yes, Captain Underpants. hehe.

  2. Looking good..I wonder how big it is now?

    And does your LIKE you cutting up his old shirts 😉

    Will be interesting to see how it looks in the end and how it dyes up.


  3. he he he – my hubby would be so against me using his shirts that way. Can’t wait to see it dyed up!

  4. Oooh, I like your round rug so far. I made a t-shirt rug for the bathroom about two years ago, but mine was rectangular. Good luck with yours, I can’t wait to see it all worked up!

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