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Easter holidays are coming up, so you can expect to see a flurry of activity on these 


The days are shorter, mornings are crisp, and autumn harvest in the markets makes me want to cook yummy things. That will fuel the mad knitting bonanza I hope to have this coming holidays!

See you then


just needs the central icord rib🐥

Coming along nicely

next up are the toes:

I have spent the past week mourning the end of summer, or more specifically mourning the lack of any real summer at all: I’m not sure I could point to two consecutive weeks of solid warmth (let alone heat) in the past 3 months! Now there isn’t even any faint, lingering hope: Autumn is definitely here, and Winter is Coming… How do I know? Let me count the ways:

  • we have pruned all the fruit trees till they begged for mercy
  • I pulled out all the dried-up, rusty old snow pea plants
  • the corn is ready to eat
  • lots of red tomatoes, and the vines are starting to wilt (despite all the green ones still struggling on)
  • we put the wool blankets back on the bed
  • we put flannelette sheets back on the bed
  • my hands are drying and chapping faster than I can keep the moisturiser going
  • the starlings have put on their autumn plumage and are sitting on the powerlines in front of our driveway, driving our dog bananas with their untouchable proximity
  • cloudy skies, drizzle, winds… followed by dazzling blasts of sunshine in the crisp, fresh air
  • snow on the mountain on Thursday morning – just a little, and gone by the afternoon, but I have a photo to prove it! (I saw a complete rainbow on the way to work that morning too)
  • the urge to cast on multiple shawls, socks and jumpers is strong and nearly irresistible!

I don’t know whether that last one counts as a sign of incipient Autumn – it could occur at almost any time of the year, depending upon my need to escape from ‘real’ life and make something beautiful with my hands.

However, I have decided that enough is enough – moaning, whinging and complaining about the weather does nothing but pollute the airspace around me, so I have decided instead to wave goodbye to anger and denial, and move on through acceptance to silver linings!

Benefits of Autumn:

  • snuggling into flannelette sheets
  • warm woolly socks make my feet happy
  • soft, snuggly shawls keep my neck and shoulders warm
  • hot cups of tea are really, really nice
  • big bowls of soup
  • rich, tasty casseroles and stews
  • early bulbs start to push up green shoots
  • lots of fabulous autumn fruits and veges
  • no more sunburn!
  • a lap full of thick, woolly knitting is wonderful!
  • leaves changing colour on deciduous plants add splashes of brilliance
  • more snuggling

So, how is your March going so far?

Starry night + time vortex!

My current piece of mindless knitting is another Elizabeth Cap, this time definitely large enough for me!

Now can you guess??


Reveal: Elizabeth Cap #1

The Elizabeth Cap by Techknitter – a modern re-interpretation of the caps women wore throughout Europe.

This was intended for me, but large noggin plus tight gauge = too small for moi. My daughter gleefully pounced upon it and is now very happy indeed!
Elizabeth Cap

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More excitement


Just in time for the hot weather 😄

Long Weekend = Time

Ah, the glory that is a long weekend after only one week of school – I have had time to laze about, cook, knit, read, do the washing, and I have just sorted all the loose dpns and circs into their proper pockets, and have found a crochet hook of the right size to seam my hat. And I still have one more day to go, in which I can do some schoolwork! So nice not to be rushing….

This morning I finished that mystery project – I had to use a couple of metres of scrap yarn to do so, thus the colour difference!

Recent knitting

Any guesses yet?

At last! iPad app now working!

I have a working ipad app! Yay!

School is now back, so I am sinking deep into the land of lesson preparations and class lists.

Naturally this caused me to cast on something new this weekend to relieve the sense of frantic busy-ness.

Do you know what it is?



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