Busy? Who, Me??

Hmm, that write now, post later thing isn’t possible with This Blog Host – wonder if any of the competitors have it??

Anyway, I’ve been away, graduating from my FIVE YEARS of part time study to acquire a Masters of Applied Science in Teacher Librarianship. You would think that with studying now over with, I’d have more time up my sleeve, wouldn’t you? ha. double ha.

BUT I managed to create an FO on my trip!
Behold! Harriette’s Socks, from the Mini-Basketweave Socks by Stitches of Violet.

Yarn: Shepherd Colour 4 Me 8 ply, colour 4981, a red/orange/crimson mix that you may have seen before 🙂
Time taken: ??? 2nd sock took 3 hours, maybe a little more – I was a bit distracted, doing it in little snatches here and there, grafting (very badly) the toe on the way to the airport on Sunday, so maybe 6 or 7 hours, sock 1 at Christmas, sock 2 in April.
Lessons learnt? WRITE DOWN THE NEEDLE SIZE – had to hunt for needles for ages before I figured out what I had used!!!


6 thoughts on “Busy? Who, Me??

  1. Busy? That sounds familiar, has been a shocking couple of weeks at school and I’ve been sick. argh.
    Have been meaning to get in touch, but remembered that you’d been away. How good am I?
    How about meeting up for coffee Saturday morning? unless you’re off being a minkey mum. Let me know.

    Love the socks by the way.

  2. Yay! Finished socks!! I can relate to busy and even though wordpress lets me write now, post later – that would mean I have to find the time to write now. lol!

  3. Congrats on the graduation!

    I seem to find that even though I am a stay at home mum who isnt studying or anything I still dont have time!! lol

    Socks look so cute!


  4. Congrats on finishing your degree, I know how difficult it is with a house and family. I did my nursing degree, finsihed just over 6 years ago.
    Congrats on the socks too.

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