Food, glorious food!

It’s a cooking day: I had 2kg of chicken thighs to deal with (on special at Woollies), so half is now marinating in teriyaki sauce, ready to be a teriyaki fried rice tonight (from the Wagamama cookbook), while the other half is in the slow cooker becoming butter chicken… my house smells good!

Then I read the Pumpkin Smoothie recipe at Just One Cookbook and I knew I had to have one for my late, late lunch, so I did and it was yummy! I had to use coconut milk because there wasn’t any almond milk at the local Woolies, but it was still awesome…

In between I am wrangling washing and working on the Brioche beanie for my son ( which will shortly be changing to something faster than brioche like mosaic stitch because I am running out of weekend and he needs it tomorrow morning to go on his head when he goes to camp).

The weather is ridiculous – every cliche of Spring weather has hit us this week, and today we have had glorious sunshine, whipping winds, short sharp heavy showers, and various in-between variations at roughly 10~15 minute intervals, ALL DAY. And there is lots of snow on the mountain (visible in one of the intervals where there is no precipitation between here and there), and I am wearing my Ruby Twist, a 10ply garment, with a wool skirt over leggings, wool socks and uggies, and it is all necessary, even inside the house! Tomorrow will be marginally better (15*C), the next day will be lovely and warm at some point mid-afternoon (23*C), then the graphs will plunge once more, taking us with them into the teen temperature digits of dreariness… and then up again and then down, a veritable rollercoaster of meteorological phenomena! Living in Tassie is certainly a wardrobe adventure.


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