Jay for J

One Jaywalker, warts and all modelled by J’s left foot.
Now that they have an owner, I feel I may even be able to bring myself to knit the second, hopefully with fewer mistakes!

Jays for J, who is 6, and doesn’t hold still for more than 3 seconds while conscious, should have an appopriate name, so in honour of the bouncy and aggressive ants in our backyard, I hereby dub this (to be continued) pair of socks: JackJumper socks. I shall try to get a picture of a jackjumper on a less freezing day (11*C, 33kph winds, a few rounds of hail interrupting the showers and brief blasts of sunshine)

Now I have to go to the shops to spend b’day book voucher (thanks to S&BiL), and cast on J’s 2nd jackjumper, and cast on some zigzag socks for moi! (Wish me luck)



4 thoughts on “Jay for J

  1. Oh Jackjumpers bring back stinging memories. Sock look great thoug. Did you have snow?? My mum lives in Lenah valley and she did!! Cool!!!

  2. No snow (that we saw), and we can’t see Mt Wellington from our house, so didn’t notice snow on it either – most disappointing ;(

  3. Great socks! I’ve not long finished a pair of jaywalkers myself!

    And welcome to the Knitting Bloggers webring!

  4. Your Jaywalker/JackJumper sock looks totally amazing, and I *so* love the name you’ve chosen for it, seems to be the perfect one! 😉

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