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Purple passion


Finishing and beginning

I have been putting off the finishing on my Same Same cardi, for no good or rational reason, but today the urge to start something new was so strong that I used it as leverage to kick myself into gear. The neckline is now done, the cardi is soaking, ready to block and have ends sewn in (all going well), my needles are free and I can start winding some Bendi yarn with a light heart!


Ouch – that smarts!

Dashing through a carpark this morning I misjudged a kerb and tripped myself, landing heavily on my left knee (my right arm was cushioned by my beautiful purple bag, which now bears some scrapes). I have plenty of grazing and what promises to be a lovely big bruise, but no serious damage; it is just a bit stiff and sore. Thankfully I did not skin my hands nor did I faceplant as apparently once happened to the nice lady who stopped to see if I was ok. This minor mishap will not interfere with my knitting plans, though it will put the kibosh on my plans to go for an invigorating walk this evening!

My errand this morning was to find items to be my Nicholas Ickle costume for our (slightly late due to other events) Book Week Assembly on Tuesday this week:

I found a black coat and denim shorts at Vinnies, I have black shoes and white socks already, so now I just need to find a red-and-white striped shirt and some black cardboard to make my hat. I think that my new grazes will add to the authenticity of the ‘grubby small boy’ persona!

In other news, this afternoon we went to see the matinee of the aforementioned musical event – a production of Monty Python’s Spamalot! It was hilarious – funny, rude, very un-pc, and quite a bit of it sailed straight over Miss Violet’s head!! What a great way to spend an afternoon :)

I am now ensconced on the sofa, electronic devices and knitting at the ready – oh, where to start? And to top it all off dinner will be some iteration of tacos or burritos or nachos – someone (not me, obviously) will be nipping down to the shops for sour cream and grated cheese, but the rest of the ingredients are readily to hand – if I can just convince the MOMD to do the fossicking in the freezer to find the leftover taco mince, I won’t have to do anything at all!

Oh, and you know what else? Tomorrow I am treating myself to a ticket to the movies to see the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who at the State Cinema – my son will be going too, with his friends, but I won’t embarrass the dear boy by insisting on sitting with them :)

I hope your weekend brings nothing worse than a bruise, and many more things as awesome as my musical, sci-fi, cafe-lunching, wine-sipping and multiple-knitting-projecting weekend!


Now I’m cooking with gas


It’s All Too Much

Too tired, too many coughs, too many empty tissue boxes, too many WIPs, too many choices… So this is what I did instead:


Playing and fixing

I woke up too early this morning and to amuse myself I made this:

It’s the middle of a mandala circle, from a blog called Creating with Raymond. (Sorry, harder to do links from my phone, but google it- she reminds me of Attic24 for colourful crochet and general exuberance). It might just be abandoned as is, or I may put the edging on it and use it as a doily to go under vases on the table, I don’t know yet.
The other thing I finished today was a fixing project: I love these thick, warm purple socks, they are nice and long, but after darning yet more holes above the heel just last month, I discovered the other week that I’d worn right through the base of the heelflap too. So last night I picked up stitches across the sole of the heel turn, and knitted back up the heel (including the turn) then sewed up one side, grafted the live stitches to the top of the heel, and sewed down the other side. On the other heel I did the same from the top down, which turned out to be much easier to do.

I normally wear these with boots, so I’m hoping that they will just feel comfy, not lumpy.
Have you undertaken anything like this before?

Look what I found!

More 4 ply! The 3 partial socks have all been frogged, and the wriggly yarn has been soaked smooth and hung out to dry overnight. Everything has been photographed and put away in the stash cupboard – does that need a new name? The Yarn Portal? Yarntopia? The Door to Yarnia? Knitopia? Knitlandia? I might consult the mighty forces of Ravelry and see what they say…


Anyway, back to the topic: that was one tub brought in from the shed, catalogued and dealt with. As I find scraps of 4 or 8ply yarns, I am seized with an unreasonable desire to do something with them; I think that there will be a box for 8ply oddments that are destined for some kind of granny-square blanket, but not sure about the 4ply leftovers. I like to keep a few metres of yarn after finishing a pair of socks, ready for the inevitable darning, but what to do with the rest? Another box to look after those for a while till they reach a Critical Mass, I think!
In other news: it must be Spring. The weather dashes from endless rain to gale force winds to beautifully mild to a predicted max tomorrow of 8 degrees Celcius (which is slightly less than half of today’s achieved temperature). There are daffodils, jonquils, grape hyacinths and magnolias flowering away, plus the plum tree is covered in sweet white blossoms, promising a bounty of delicious fruit in January. We have been attacking the weeds throughout the garden and revealing dirt ready for planting. Today I even sprayed the nectarine tree (to prevent leaf curl- I hope this works!), and shifted the compost bin. The rich earth beneath has been sown with onion and cabbage seeds, and more of the composty goodness was dug into other beds, along with sheep manure. That’s another sign of Spring- a frenzied urge to dig and rake and play in the dirt while dreaming of leafy deliciousness to follow.
Less fabulous but most definitely seasonal is the cold that grabbed Violet last week, and moved on to Jeremy and I this week – we stayed home yesterday and I am feeling much improved after doing as little as possible all day, then sleeping really well last night.
Tonight we enjoyed yet another fabulous dinner: Craig dig a pork rib roast with lashings of roasted veges and applesauce and gravy, followed by apple and rhubarb crumble. I had a quick stroll to the shop after dinner to buy cream, which was very necessary to make room for dessert!
With everything done, I think now it might be time to organise a movie for the grown ups to enjoy once the kids are in bed. I must grab some knitting to be going on with!

So much fun!

I am having a ridiculous amount of fun this weekend, transferring my stash to my new stash cupboard, and making sure to photograph and add details to my Ravelry notebook at the same time. This makes for a fairly time-consuming process, but I will end up with a well-organised stash, lots of plans for how to use everything, and a much tidier area in the rumpus room!

Blog fodder

Also this weekend I very much enjoyed going to snb, where we had a fresh turnout of 6 people! I couldn’t finish my spinach and feta gozleme, so that came home with me to be today’s lunch :) I took along my Bendi yarns to show off, and several people have now added Moseley Park to their list of yarns to try!

Craig, the MOMD, made a curry feast for dinner last night, so we all over-indulged a little but I shall take advantage of the sunshine to go for a walk shortly to help work it off. Part of the feast was fruity naan for dessert, so this morning I cooked up the rest of the dough and had some for breakfast – yum!

Blog fodder

Other fun: KissMyFrog linked to the Girl Genius online manga the other day, so I spent a couple of hours knitting while reading that yesterday morning, and giggling so much Craig enquired what was going on. I have started a sock using some deep stash (Trekking handpainted yarn, a gift from Tink years ago) and using the Charade pattern – so far it is cruising along nicely – I have to watch what I’m doing with the slipped stitches in the herringbone pattern, but otherwise very easy. I’m in two minds which heel to do though – recently I’ve heard of a solution to the tight hinge problem I have with Sweet Tomato Heel socks, but yesterday GenYKnittingNana was talking about the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, so now I don’t know which to do! I have a couple of inches to go before I have to decide.

Blog fodder

And that will do for now… I’ll pop some pics in and see you later!


Into town, bought hanging organisers for my new stash cupboard, went to the Farm Gate Market and found fabulous sausages from Mount Gnomon Farm (just ate Pork & Paprika, and Beef & Plum sausages for lunch – these are too good to call snags!), then tried out the new Vita: Nature+Culture frozen yoghurt place; lots of ‘real’ flavours (I had Chai and Salted Caramel), then the toppings are fruits, nuts, things like spiced pear compote, white chocolate with goji berries, toasted coconut, lemon shortbread, brownie pieces – very grown-up compared to the usual range of gummy bears and crushed oreos! Most of us liked it, but Violet would like the ‘normal’ kind I think ;)

I am now trying to work up the energy to tackle my school work… Unfortunately we have declared a screen-free afternoon, so all children are in the front room (aka The Quiet Room) interacting in much the way you would expect siblings to behave. I think I am going to take my gear and go sit out the front, close enough to hear any screams, far enough to make the bickering fairly inaudible.




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