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Baking has happened here

My turn for morning tea tomorrow, so Double Chocolate Banana cupcakes, and (if I get up in time to make these) Chicken Tofu Meatballs with Teriyaki Sauce.

I tested one cupcake, just to be sure they worked…


I have just had two days at home with a nasty sore throat and general coldy-malaise, thankfully not too much coughing ‘coz that really hurt. There has been much snoozing, however there has also been time to make some progress:

One Spiral Mitt done, the next started.

Second of a pair of socks for hubby, only lacks 1/2″ of ribbing (yay for ebooks, I would not have survived 6″ of 1×1 ribbing without distraction) (same as this pair – I’m going to get 3 pairs from 2 balls of 6ply Zauberball)

The top of yoke of My Favourite Colour cardi


Cruising the interwebs a bit and I came across this: Stitch Maps. Very interesting! I wonder is that how knitters used to chart their work? It reminds me a lot of diagrams for crochet patterns, where the symbols so closely resemble the stitches that you can almost see the finished effect before you start.


Lastly I can confirm that I will be visiting the mainland in July, as we are going to a family gathering to attend FIL’s birthday celebrations – this coincides beautifully with a) our school holidays and b) Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. Thus we have ferry tickets for 5 at the start and end of the hols, and I will stock up on Travacalm-type pills (I tried Kwells and they make my eyeballs drunk, which makes knitting the night away a little difficult). I do prefer to fly, and usually it is cheaper, but I think that the winter-exodus of Tasmanians in search of Vitamin D did me no favours. I wonder if I can convince my husband that the $300 we saved on the ferry should be credited towards my Bendigo shopping list??

Lickety-split! It’s a mitt!

Lickety-split! It's a mitt!

You’d never believe how fast these fingerless gloves grow, even though they’re in 4ply!

I had an attack of the baking this afternoon, and look what happened:


Double Chocolate Banana Bread by Smitten Kitchen. That is what is left of a loaf half an hour after it came out if the oven. You have been warned!


Instant Mojo Booster!!


The blue-white one took a week, but the red-orange-pink pair were done in two days! And now I just need to finish one more to have enough dishcloths to see out a whole week :)
(Assuming of course I actually washed up every day…)
(Stop that! I don’t leave the kitchen piled high!! I love my dishwasher!!)
(Except for the leak we seem to have at the front seal this week. That I do not like, Sam-I-Am)


We are having a lovely family weekend – yesterday we went to Bellerive for breakfast at the Farmer’s Market, with bonus fresh veges shopping (less than $20 for a week’s worth of squeaky-fresh veges – yay!), then into town for Jeremy’s hockey sign-up, then north to collect a piece of school uniform which had been left on a coach (thank goodness for small-town networking), then as we came back down towards Hobart we passed MONA which had signs out the front for “Market today”! A quick u-turn and a lucky spot in the car park and  we headed in to see what we could find.

MONA is very stylish, and provocative, and cutting edge, and artsy, and boho, and pretty much any other adjective you would think to apply to an art gallery or museum with seriously good cafe and restaurant, high-end library/bookshop, and art works ranging from high-profile to obscene to political to breathtakingly beautiful to antique to scientific to deeply ugly – oh and a hovercraft ferry if you want to travel in haute-camoflage style up the Derwent River.

The market, although very small, was fun – jazz ensembles playing on the big stage, with the signature hot-pink bean bags on the grass in front; a range of beverage options, some baked goods, pizza or grilled food, some activities for the kids, some funky woodwork and jewellery and clothing, massages in one teepee (an oyster exhibit in the other), a domed cubby made out of denim and singlets cut up and layered over a metal framework like some kind of bizarre blue-collar papier-mache, and shade over the benches provided by a hundred or so oyster cages strung up on wires overhead, complete with remnants of weeds and shells…

We had lovely food for lunch (Thai-inspired grilled beef noodle salad – yum), and Craig and I had some Tasmanian-brewed cider, which was my undoing – I dozed off on the way home and slept away the afternoon! The combination of sun and food and cider was too powerful :)

Today we are planning to go check out the Sandy Bay Annual Kite Festival – and the weather is gorgeous! We have had some very autumnal days recently, which I was not at all happy about, but this weekend is making up for the cold starts with blue skies and warm sunshine. Also good weather for drying all the weekend washing – must keep an eye on the practicalities!

There has even been a smidgen of knitting happening! Car drives yesterday put some rounds on the leg of second sock for Craig, and tv-viewing put ten rounds on the sleeve of my Same-Same. During the week I am too busy, and then too tired, to sit down with my knitting, so I am not speeding along with anything, but that’s ok – I will get there eventually.

I hope all is warm and sunny with time for family and fun for you this week, dear reader!

Pushing on

I have been working bit-by-bit on my Same Same cardi, and today began the I-cord bind-off along the hem. Despite watching generous amounts of Gnomes and Trolls 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 with my kids, I am still only about halfway along the edge – this is not a technique I can do without looking! I think it will look pretty good though. I modified the back a little to do a slight shirt-tail hem, as I don’t like cardigans that pull up above my waistband any time I lean forward, and I like the way this edging follows the curve so smoothly.

We have a public holiday tomorrow for the Hobart Regatta, though who knows what the weather will be like for everyone out on the water. Today we hit 35*C by lunchtime, then a change roared in from the west – literally! Storm, winds, driving rain, thunder and lightning! By 3pm it was calming down again, the temperature had dropped by half, and the air was clear of any hint of smoke from the various small bushfires that we have had around here recently. I took Zara the Jack Russell-ish terrier for a walk and revelled in the incredible clarity of the stars and moon, and the way the clouds in the west caught the last of the distant daylight, and the freshness of air that has been scoured by a summer storm.

This coming week will be my first proper week of classes, and I hope that by Friday I will have gotten myself back into the patterns and energy levels of term-time. It always feels as though the first couple of weeks I can’t quite match my output to all the demands of the working day and family life, but after that I get back into the most effective routines and life starts to run more smoothly.

One can only hope.

In other news we have been working more on the garden, and Craig and I stole an hour away this morning at a lovely nursery and came home with some shrubs, berry canes and two trees to plant. I will be dragooning my children into helping tomorrow morning with all the digging and planting we have to do, as well as some seriously squishy clean-up of fallen apricots and nectarines. They will probably complain, but I know that next year when we pick fruit from the fruit trees or admire the gorgeous colours in our garden they will remember helping put it all together.

It’s a good thing I can be patient and take the long view, because the short-term will probably be more than a little pouty.

Time to put something on the tv and work a little more hemming magic on this cardi – after all, I am supposed to share knitting content on here from time to time, aren’t I?

Cloudy dragons swim across the sky
A bashful moon turns away
Pretending not to see
Looks instead across the depths
Fascinated by the specks of distant brilliance
As if the storm grabbed back its lightning
And ground it down for sequins
To decorate the night

(C) K Reid 9/2/2014



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