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It is the Hobart Show weekend, and due to a public holiday on Thursday and school holiday on Friday, the kids and I have four days off. What to do? Naturally we decided to save Craig the usual weekend drive and came up ourselves!
Thursday we drove up to Launceston and met the lovely Cindy 2paw for lunch- she and I spent a lovely couple of hours chatting, while my children were very patient! No pics, the food was lovely and my purple shopping bag from Cindy is perfect, but I’m on 3G for this post and must conserve the data uploads.
We got to Smithton about half past 6, organised ourselves with the help of a lamb casserole which Craig had helpfully made the night before, and were ready for bed when Craig got home from his council meeting.
Friday we were up and about early, and after a lush breakky we loaded ourselves in the car for a trip along the Tarkine Drive. This is a very beautiful part of Tasmania, particularly if you get out if the car and go walking in the bush. I am learning how to use a fancy new camera from school, so I took lots of pics which you will have to wait till I get home to my computer to see. There was a creek with lots of stripy rocks, ferny forest walks, and a sinkhole lake!
Next we headed to Stanley for lunch, and what with this being Tassie, I ran into a TL friend from Hobart, who was with another family including a son in my Sophie’s class!! Drive five hours to the other end of the state and you still meet people you know.
Over lunch we decided that the weather was getting yuckier and the idea of going fishing lost its appeal, so we dropped in to the fishmonger’s for supplies to make chowder for dinner. A few more stops in Smithton and we were set, so off home for cups of tea and a jigsaw puzzle while showers of rain attacked the windows intermittently. I had fun making the chowder, not something I’ve done more than once before, but I think it will go on the list of winter faves after this! We put on Young Einstein to watch with dinner, and had a great time! My gosh the Icehouse and Big Pig soundtrack brought back memories of my teens!!
Today we are off to Stanley for a floral exhibition and open house at the Historic Highfield House, then possibly going to Wynyard to check out the jousting tournament- yes, that’s right, jousting! I am on the last three centimetres of the back of my Myrtle cardi, and used my time in the car yesterday to wind the next skein, ready to start the fronts. Hope springs eternal… Though prudence yesterday prompted me to unravel and re skein the yarn from my swatch, because I am going to need it!
Right, time to get moving!

Home again, home again…

We had a lovely week with my Dad in Coffs, lots of lazing around with a few excursions here and there.
I binged on the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs, which is the first time I’ve ever gotten hooked on a series revolving around werewolves (and the odd vampire). Thanks to the joy of ebooks I was able to knit and read at the same time, so I got lots done on my new cardi.

This is my first ever CustomFit pattern, and I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out! The yarn is part of my Bendi haul, and so pretty that I decided a really plain cardi would be the best way to show it off. It is a 4ply so will take quite a while to get through it all, but that’s ok – I’m enjoying the flow.
However right now it is time to tackle some house jobs, so I’ll hit publish and get moving.
Catch you later!



Sitting out on the back patio, listening to the pigeons calling in the trees plus one in the bird feeder, water feature trickling charmingly in the corner, and lorikeets screeching and chiming in the blossoming trees in the bush reserve, lush and colourful garden to delight the eyes, tea and crumpets for breakky and the latest Feast magazine to peruse at my leisure…
There is nothing quite as relaxing as coming home to my parents house for a visit. No settling-in required, all the kids are old enough to remember where everything is and look after themselves, I know all the rhythms and patterns of life here…
A bit later I will take the kids down to the supermarket to buy their preferred breakfast cereal and whatever other supplies we need, and we can go to the beach for a walk and see how cold the water is. I have no other plans, and that is the most wonderful thing to be able to say!
Right now there is a lively 8yo beside me shaking her groove thang and singing “let’s do the funky machine” (her own invention) and giggling madly. The 11yo is dithering over the small range of options for breakfast, and the 14yo hasn’t emerged yet.
Okay so the advent of the 8yo has changed the adjectives from ‘peaceful’ and ‘relaxing’ to ‘energetic’ and ‘irrepressible’, but if I can find the Lego I am sure I can get my magazine back, for a little while at least!
Enjoy your Friday : I am going to!
(Cue the kookaburra!)

Holiday time!

Off to visit my Dad for a week (Mum is *ahem* roughing it in Italy), house is clean enough not to smell weird when we get home, neighbour will be caring for dogs and seedlings. We are sitting in the airport, having been (astonishingly) standing outside waiting for the taxi as he arrived five minutes early! All that organising yesterday paid off, no-one was flapping around looking for things at the last minute, I had even packed my knitting last night, so this morning just meant food, clothes, clean out the fridge and bin, and wash up.
Now I have my knitting on my lap (the security scanner guy laughed at me when I told him my bamboo needles would show up “you mean wooden sticks?”) and nearly an hour to wait until boarding. Shortly I will go in search of tea and brownie-type indulgence.
I have to say that I feel as though I brought the wrong project with me: it is a shawl, not a sock, so I can’t imitate everyone’s travel-knitting heroine, the Yarn Harlot, with pics of progress in various parts of airports, planes, taxis and motels.
Sadly I can’t upload my photo on this connection, so you’ll have to wait for the evidence!
Right, time for tea and sustenance!

Proof of virtuousness

One of those jobs you don’t want to do on a freezing cold day, so when I saw the forecast for 28 deg C today I knew that the time had come.

That there is proof that I cleaned out the chest freezer, all is neat, tidy, and I have the next two dinners planned and defrosting.
Now to sit back in a glow of virtue and rest my poor aching lumbar region!

Happy Holidays!

The best way to start the school holidays: sleep in, take dogs for a long walk in the morning sunshine, then make cups of tea and cook pikelets for a late breakfast!!


1cup self-raising flour, pinch salt, 1/4 teaspoon bi-carb soda: sift together.
Melt 2 teaspoons butter, beat 1egg in 1/2 cup sour milk, then stir both wet things into the flour with 2 tablespoons of sugar.
Beat with fork till mixed.
Drop spoonfuls onto not-very-hot frypan. Flip when edges look dry and slight bubbling showing on tops.
Gorgeous straight out of the pan, but also good with honey, golden syrup, maple syrup, jam, cream, cinnamon sugar (probably not all at once)


Purple passion


Finishing and beginning

I have been putting off the finishing on my Same Same cardi, for no good or rational reason, but today the urge to start something new was so strong that I used it as leverage to kick myself into gear. The neckline is now done, the cardi is soaking, ready to block and have ends sewn in (all going well), my needles are free and I can start winding some Bendi yarn with a light heart!


Ouch – that smarts!

Dashing through a carpark this morning I misjudged a kerb and tripped myself, landing heavily on my left knee (my right arm was cushioned by my beautiful purple bag, which now bears some scrapes). I have plenty of grazing and what promises to be a lovely big bruise, but no serious damage; it is just a bit stiff and sore. Thankfully I did not skin my hands nor did I faceplant as apparently once happened to the nice lady who stopped to see if I was ok. This minor mishap will not interfere with my knitting plans, though it will put the kibosh on my plans to go for an invigorating walk this evening!

My errand this morning was to find items to be my Nicholas Ickle costume for our (slightly late due to other events) Book Week Assembly on Tuesday this week:

I found a black coat and denim shorts at Vinnies, I have black shoes and white socks already, so now I just need to find a red-and-white striped shirt and some black cardboard to make my hat. I think that my new grazes will add to the authenticity of the ‘grubby small boy’ persona!

In other news, this afternoon we went to see the matinee of the aforementioned musical event – a production of Monty Python’s Spamalot! It was hilarious – funny, rude, very un-pc, and quite a bit of it sailed straight over Miss Violet’s head!! What a great way to spend an afternoon :)

I am now ensconced on the sofa, electronic devices and knitting at the ready – oh, where to start? And to top it all off dinner will be some iteration of tacos or burritos or nachos – someone (not me, obviously) will be nipping down to the shops for sour cream and grated cheese, but the rest of the ingredients are readily to hand – if I can just convince the MOMD to do the fossicking in the freezer to find the leftover taco mince, I won’t have to do anything at all!

Oh, and you know what else? Tomorrow I am treating myself to a ticket to the movies to see the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who at the State Cinema – my son will be going too, with his friends, but I won’t embarrass the dear boy by insisting on sitting with them :)

I hope your weekend brings nothing worse than a bruise, and many more things as awesome as my musical, sci-fi, cafe-lunching, wine-sipping and multiple-knitting-projecting weekend!


Now I’m cooking with gas



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