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Into town, bought hanging organisers for my new stash cupboard, went to the Farm Gate Market and found fabulous sausages from Mount Gnomon Farm (just ate Pork & Paprika, and Beef & Plum sausages for lunch – these are too good to call snags!), then tried out the new Vita: Nature+Culture frozen yoghurt place; lots of ‘real’ flavours (I had Chai and Salted Caramel), then the toppings are fruits, nuts, things like spiced pear compote, white chocolate with goji berries, toasted coconut, lemon shortbread, brownie pieces – very grown-up compared to the usual range of gummy bears and crushed oreos! Most of us liked it, but Violet would like the ‘normal’ kind I think ;)

I am now trying to work up the energy to tackle my school work… Unfortunately we have declared a screen-free afternoon, so all children are in the front room (aka The Quiet Room) interacting in much the way you would expect siblings to behave. I think I am going to take my gear and go sit out the front, close enough to hear any screams, far enough to make the bickering fairly inaudible.



oh no! It’s all gone…

My post about my holidays, that is. How very irritating! No time now, so here’s a pic for you of my Bendi purchases to keep you going:

Bendi knitting

Pretty, aren’t they? And here’s a photo to show you my restraint compared to others:

Bendi knitting

catch you later with details!

Vintage hat fun!

More relatives have arrived, and one is a knitter! Don’t you love these vintage hats?




Trip the light fantastic!



Double-darn you + triple mitts

Today’s knitting adventures began with darning in the ends on Miss V’s new mitts, which are technically numbers 2 and 3…


Next I finished the cuff of the second sleeve of My Favourite Cardi, and unpicked the too-loose hem. That yarn is skeined and soaking out the crinkles, as is the outer half of the spare ball I brought with me, so I will redo the hem once my yarn is dry.

I have just darned some new holes in the backs of my purple socks, next to the previous darns, so you can see why this post is called “Double-darn it!”


After dinner I will pick up my Same Same and work out where I am up (down?) to on the sleeve, and spend some quality time during tomorrow’s car trips working away on it. We are driving to Lockhart to visit my relatives, so that will be 2 1/2 hrs each way, plus sit-and-chat time; I expect to get a lot done tomorrow!

The rest of the time I am adding rows to my second Treppenviertel sock- 12 to go till I start the heel! This is a very productive holiday – amazing how much I can get done when I don’t spend 9 hours out of the house every day!

We began our family holiday yesterday with an afternoon in the car travelling up to Devonport to catch the ferry. While I have a large bag of projects for the two weekend away, my car knitting was a pair of gloves for Violet and the second Treppenviertel sock for me.

I finished the glove, complete with fingers, but they were too tight so I unpicked that and did a ribbed cuff around the fingers instead.

I can’t show it to you because little Miss Forgetful left it in the cabin on the ferry! Today on the trip north from Melbourne to Hay I finished a new one (just after Echuca), and the third is on the needles even as I type.
My second Treppenviertel is nearly down to the heel – about an inch to go. I’ve been knitting so much these past two days that I have had to take care to stop and stretch regularly and swap between the different-gauge projects so as not to give myself RSI!!
More projects to come in the next few days, but I will leave you with the westering sky that graced my walk this evening…


Oh, that’s much better!

Garter stitch heel from Cool Socks, Warm Feet by Lucy Neatby, on about 60% of total instep stitches- I rearranged to add 4 stitches on either side.


Tripping up

I don’t know what it is with these socks. Attempt #1 was much too small. This version is fine size-wise, apart from me casting on 4 stitches too many and putting myself out by one rib welt, which I discovered at the point of finishing the leg…
Now that I have followed the heel instructions I have a heel which is entirely too big! See how much fabric I can pinch back?
Ok, so tonight I am ripping back, changing to a heel which I know will work, and grabbing a glass of liquid courage to facilitate the process. (Note that that was ‘a’ glass- no need to sabotage myself any further than I have already!!)


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