Sparkle Fairy Mania!

You will no doubt have noticed the stream of housework pics coming via Instagram – very little knitting to show recently, as the focus has been on Christmas cleaning and general end-of-year stuff! In keeping with my love of most things Japanese, I like to have Oosoji before the New Year – literally the Big Clean! This makes me get off my derrière and clean out the fridge and freezer, get rid of cobwebs hanging from the cornices, and generally tackle all of those nasty housecleaning tasks that I can’t quite talk myself into doing during term-time.

Today was all-in: 

  • hubby took down timber Venetian blinds and washed them 
  • youngest daughter dealt with 5 drawers’ worth of clothes – sorted out unwanted items, folded and put away everything else
  • Middle child chose to do the pantry – take everything out shelf by shelf, clean, check dates and put things back in an organised way (2 shelves left, I think she might have regretted choosing that over wiping out kitchen cupboards)
  • #1 son cleaned dining table, kitchen bench, helped with blinds, cleaned most of the outside windows (we get a lot of bird splatter from ducks launching off to visit the neighbour-with-bird-food), helped with window sills, washed the dog, and generously assisted in cleaning out the pantry by eating stuff
  • I cleaned 6 floor-to-ceiling windows, 2 medium windows, 3 small windows and all the associated aluminium tracks and wooden window sills, vacuumed a few bits, washed up this morning, did some laundry items, and cleaned out the inside fridge freezer. Before that I walked the dog and went to a yoga class.

So, it really has been a Big Day! We decided that it has been such a Big Day that takeaway dinner was appropriate, so family conference decided on fancy pizza, and hubby has gone off to collect the extra nice pizzas from the extra nice pizza place.  
Speaking of which, my Japanese-inspired Wagyu Shoga pizza is waiting for me – ja mata ne! I’ll get back to knitting later!


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