Food for thought – self-care

I read an interesting article today on MDK (Mason-Dixon Knitting) by one of their guest contributors Leigh Carmichael, and she talked about self-care. There was this fabulous line in it along the lines of “self-care isn’t about having pedicures” and the author also goes on to add “but if you aren’t having any, pedicures might be a good place to start”! I really enjoyed this article, and clicked through to read some of the other things this lady has written, and she makes a lot of sense to me. Without having spent a lot of time on this, what I picked up was:

  • Every body is different. Work out what is good and healthy for you and go with that
  • Having too many rules about how things should be is not a good idea
  • Appreciate your life, the things and people you have
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • If something is important to you, do something about it yourself

So, what did I do today? I walked the dog, I luxuriated in the sunshine, I planted seeds (with an entirely unwilling helper! See pic in previous post), I wrote a nomination for an award for a thoroughly deserving co-worker, I thought about painting my toenails (got to find my purple nail polish), I did the woolwash so I’ll have nice clean clothes, I enjoyed my food (double chocolate banana muffins made yesterday are still good today!), I read blogs, listened to a podcast while doing the washing up, and knitted. I tried not to let hayfever deter me, nor pouty children dismay me, nor state of kitchen appall me. The winds are now keeping me inside (48kph, gusting to 78kph), but that means I am sitting in my nice chair guilt-free! And I am barefoot and bare-armed, and loving it 🙂

So, life is good and I am smiling and very appreciative of my good fortune to be me.


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