Picking up old threads

I was having trouble getting to this blog, so I set up my Instagram – or more accurately an IFTT (If This Then That) routine to push pictures to the blog. I’m feeling like that isn’t enough, though. I miss the writing, the reflecting on things that posting on a blog can give me, so I’m making an effort to reclaim some blogging time. I’ve also dug out my Feedly collection of knitting (and food!) blogs and am catching up on what’s happening out there in the knitterverse (and I guess foodiverse too, though I don’t follow any big celeb chef names, just favourite home cooks like Smitten Kitchen and Just One Cookbook).

By all of this you may have guessed that it is school holidays again, and you’d be correct! A little bit of breathing space to clean the kitchen (I can actually see the shiny racks inside my oven through the clear glass of the oven door!), to sort through the wardrobe options, and to unearth ancient knitting WIPs.

Case in point: 

this is the Undine Shawl (from Spinning Martha) with some Moseley Park silk/wool 4ply from a trip to Bendigo maybe last year? I was digging around in my basket of WIPs and found this. I’ve gone well over the recommended number of repeats, but I still have 1/4 of a ball left! I’m thinking that I can squeeze out a couple more repeats on the body, then do the edging. The second edging chart can be shortened if I am likely to run out of yarn, so I’m not feeling much trepidation at the prospect of playing a little yarn chicken. I’m really looking forward to having a new shawl, so that is my main focus this weekend!

I have a new sock on the needles as you may have seen in the previous post. I wanted to try Susan B. Anderson’s new sock pattern, the Smooth Operator sock (I have to sing that name every single time!!), so I was looking for some self-striping that would work.  My local LYS, The Stash Cupboard, had some Regia Arne & Carlos so I nabbed it for my very own.  My knitting bestie Tink came down for a quick visit so on Wednesday morning we sat outside in the spring sunshine drinking tea and knitting with gay abandon – the perfect time to cast on a new pair of socks! Of course that meant starting on the wrong size dpns, getting up and spending ten minutes looking for the right size (note to self: organise knitting cupboard and supplies this holidays), casting on and knitting 10 rounds to see that it was too small, and finally getting it right on 2.25mm needles at 64 sts. OH and before all of that there was the hunt for the colour sequence so that I could start both socks at the same point and have them match. This was a little bit terrifying for a while, as the piles of wriggly yarn from each ball grew higher and higher! I may reduce a few sts when I get down to the foot, but for now I’m merrily knitting my way down and enjoying the developing patterns of the yarn:

More adventures next time, but till then enjoy your knitting!


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