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  1. Hello Kate,

    If you are looking for comment my preference is the bottom centre combination. The red and blue in larger quantity is too dominant and the subtly of the stripes is lost.

    I like the repurposed cubby, looked like a frustrated Zara, seeing you through the plastic but not able to join you.

    All well here, Neville’s tests went well, “don’t come back for five years”., has a slight medication upgrade for his hiatus hernia ( the major cause of his cough). Off to Deni next week for biannual eye check ups.

    Kylie had a lovely party for April, very important 6th birthday, poor kid, she wanted a little puppy OR a friend to sleep over. The pup wasn’t about to happen just yet so Kylie got the sleepover organised and told April when it was confirmed. Five minutes later it fell into place and she burst into distraught tears. Eventually she was able to say “But I wanted a puppy!”.

    Spring is starting to sprung here, trees unfurling buds and the bulbs coming out, so lush after all the rain! Frosts most mornings but some lovely sunny days to follow.

    Love to all down there,

    Nana/ Nerida

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