Thank goodness that’s over

Did you ever have a 4-day week that felt like 8? I haven’t cooked a meal since Monday (reheating things from fridge and the ready-made that Mum left for us don’t count), one parent info night, one online night-time meeting, all breaks (barring today) were taken at my desk, today’s lunch was a peer-coaching thingy, there are lots of stressed out people at work, traffic has been horrendous (no really, Hobart looked like Melbourne traffic every afternoon and two mornings) and son tried to cut end off his finger while slicing onions (Emergency, xray, deep but missed the bone, not enough skin to sew together so a fancy bandaid and finger bandage and no swimming carnival next week).
Nothing exploded, the family are all fine, the weather was nice, I got stuff done and sorted out problems and kept my cool in public and did not make any small children cry, but really and truly, I am SO READY FOR THIS WEEKEND IT ISN’T FUNNY.

Now, hubby has gone to pick up takeaway, so the big questions are: has anyone seen my a) wineglass and b) mindless knitting?


One thought on “Thank goodness that’s over

  1. Oh no, I am glad the finger is OK. You do have weeks like that, especially at the start of the year. I hope you had a really restful weekend and found your ‘a’ and ‘b’!!!

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