Plotting and Planning

The Man Of My Dreams (MOMD) (ie husband) bought a couple of Aran jumpers for us a few years ago from Ebay. These are very nice handknit jumpers, probably wool or wool-blend (I singed a snippet to check a la the Yarn Harlot advice, and yes it smelt like burning hair, not melting acrylic), but they do suffer from one particular limitation: Crew Neck.
Ebay aran (smudge on belly is just water, not a stain)
In recent days, since the cold weather really hit us, the MOMD has been wandering around in his jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, mentioning how cold it was. After my repeated suggestion that he put on a jumper (that’s what they’re for) he looked and me with a martyred expression and asked when was I going to fix the neckline for him? Oh yeah, that’s right, I did say I’d fix it, didn’t I? Sooooo off to the shops, discussion of what he actually wanted – vneck? buttons? zipper? Oooh, a zipper please came the reply, which means I have to add a contrasting colour band, and we settled on the burgundy left over from my Twist Cardi. I have found the following tips/tutorials to help with this project:

I will probably go ahead and hand-sew the zipper in, as I think it will be a better finish than risking my sewing machine trying to eat the yarn.

Wish me luck!


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