Drive-by update #1 – baby stuff

Hi folks, I’ve been meaning to sit down and do this but I guess I was just so over computer screens by the end of term that I couldn’t bear the thought of typing anything!!

Striped baby booties and beanies

Gift for colleague who recently welcomed twins: Presto! preemie hat and (quoting) The Easiest and Fastest Baby Booties Ever!! (Ravelry project links) My colleague was thrilled, particularly as I had chosen the colours of his football club – Geelong!

Striped baby beanies

Both the hats and the booties were pretty quick and easy, though carrying yarn for all the stripes was a little fiddly. I tried some jogless stripes techniques, and I think I ended up with one from TechKnitting as my favourite. The yarn is amazingly soft, but at the smaller gauge of the booties it was a little tricky to weave in the ends – the “twirl” effect is kind of nubbly, making for a bumpy ride as you try to weave the tapestry needle through the back of the fabric.

Striped baby booties

Altogether I really enjoyed making these – quick, fun, deeply cute, and so soft on the fingers!! If only I’d known about the Instant Gratification Effect of baby knits before I had all my own…! (on a side note: the Instant Gratification Monkey. It makes for excellent reading while you’re avoiding doing the housework, washing, weeding, shopping, or any other activity you are trying to delay/avoid/forget about)

Stay for more drive-by updates!


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