I started making these two weeks ago, and it seems to have become an addiction… I am rapidly going through my stash of random 8ply yarns, and wondering if I may have to purchase more!!

The pattern is the Mitred Square Blanket from the first Mason*Dixon Knitting book, and I have wanted to make it for ever!! Now I have started, and I loves it, my preciousss…
Mods: 8ply yarn, long tail cast-on so begin with one purl row before beginning RS decrease rows. As you can see, I decided that blocking wires were the best way to get straight edges and fairly equal sizing.
This is by no means a short-term project, but so easy that I can work on it while walking around supervising students at break times at school. There will be even more time for that shortly, with rehearsals for two speech nights involving lots of standing around watching and waiting.
I hope your knitting is feeling productive! I have still got more to share, but first I must enslave myself to the ironing pile…


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