Spring getaway with knitting

It is the Hobart Show weekend, and due to a public holiday on Thursday and school holiday on Friday, the kids and I have four days off. What to do? Naturally we decided to save Craig the usual weekend drive and came up ourselves!
Thursday we drove up to Launceston and met the lovely Cindy 2paw for lunch- she and I spent a lovely couple of hours chatting, while my children were very patient! No pics, the food was lovely and my purple shopping bag from Cindy is perfect, but I’m on 3G for this post and must conserve the data uploads.
We got to Smithton about half past 6, organised ourselves with the help of a lamb casserole which Craig had helpfully made the night before, and were ready for bed when Craig got home from his council meeting.
Friday we were up and about early, and after a lush breakky we loaded ourselves in the car for a trip along the Tarkine Drive. This is a very beautiful part of Tasmania, particularly if you get out if the car and go walking in the bush. I am learning how to use a fancy new camera from school, so I took lots of pics which you will have to wait till I get home to my computer to see. There was a creek with lots of stripy rocks, ferny forest walks, and a sinkhole lake!
Next we headed to Stanley for lunch, and what with this being Tassie, I ran into a TL friend from Hobart, who was with another family including a son in my Sophie’s class!! Drive five hours to the other end of the state and you still meet people you know.
Over lunch we decided that the weather was getting yuckier and the idea of going fishing lost its appeal, so we dropped in to the fishmonger’s for supplies to make chowder for dinner. A few more stops in Smithton and we were set, so off home for cups of tea and a jigsaw puzzle while showers of rain attacked the windows intermittently. I had fun making the chowder, not something I’ve done more than once before, but I think it will go on the list of winter faves after this! We put on Young Einstein to watch with dinner, and had a great time! My gosh the Icehouse and Big Pig soundtrack brought back memories of my teens!!
Today we are off to Stanley for a floral exhibition and open house at the Historic Highfield House, then possibly going to Wynyard to check out the jousting tournament- yes, that’s right, jousting! I am on the last three centimetres of the back of my Myrtle cardi, and used my time in the car yesterday to wind the next skein, ready to start the fronts. Hope springs eternal… Though prudence yesterday prompted me to unravel and re skein the yarn from my swatch, because I am going to need it!
Right, time to get moving!


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