Sitting out on the back patio, listening to the pigeons calling in the trees plus one in the bird feeder, water feature trickling charmingly in the corner, and lorikeets screeching and chiming in the blossoming trees in the bush reserve, lush and colourful garden to delight the eyes, tea and crumpets for breakky and the latest Feast magazine to peruse at my leisure…
There is nothing quite as relaxing as coming home to my parents house for a visit. No settling-in required, all the kids are old enough to remember where everything is and look after themselves, I know all the rhythms and patterns of life here…
A bit later I will take the kids down to the supermarket to buy their preferred breakfast cereal and whatever other supplies we need, and we can go to the beach for a walk and see how cold the water is. I have no other plans, and that is the most wonderful thing to be able to say!
Right now there is a lively 8yo beside me shaking her groove thang and singing “let’s do the funky machine” (her own invention) and giggling madly. The 11yo is dithering over the small range of options for breakfast, and the 14yo hasn’t emerged yet.
Okay so the advent of the 8yo has changed the adjectives from ‘peaceful’ and ‘relaxing’ to ‘energetic’ and ‘irrepressible’, but if I can find the Lego I am sure I can get my magazine back, for a little while at least!
Enjoy your Friday : I am going to!
(Cue the kookaburra!)


One thought on “Mmmmmmm

  1. The garden certainly looks The garden certainly looks lush and I am sure the bird life keep it “busy”. Enjoy your holiday and happy anniversary

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