Holiday time!

Off to visit my Dad for a week (Mum is *ahem* roughing it in Italy), house is clean enough not to smell weird when we get home, neighbour will be caring for dogs and seedlings. We are sitting in the airport, having been (astonishingly) standing outside waiting for the taxi as he arrived five minutes early! All that organising yesterday paid off, no-one was flapping around looking for things at the last minute, I had even packed my knitting last night, so this morning just meant food, clothes, clean out the fridge and bin, and wash up.
Now I have my knitting on my lap (the security scanner guy laughed at me when I told him my bamboo needles would show up “you mean wooden sticks?”) and nearly an hour to wait until boarding. Shortly I will go in search of tea and brownie-type indulgence.
I have to say that I feel as though I brought the wrong project with me: it is a shawl, not a sock, so I can’t imitate everyone’s travel-knitting heroine, the Yarn Harlot, with pics of progress in various parts of airports, planes, taxis and motels.
Sadly I can’t upload my photo on this connection, so you’ll have to wait for the evidence!
Right, time for tea and sustenance!


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