Proof of virtuousness

One of those jobs you don’t want to do on a freezing cold day, so when I saw the forecast for 28 deg C today I knew that the time had come.

That there is proof that I cleaned out the chest freezer, all is neat, tidy, and I have the next two dinners planned and defrosting.
Now to sit back in a glow of virtue and rest my poor aching lumbar region!


2 thoughts on “Proof of virtuousness

  1. Hah, snap! I defrosted my big upright freezer on Saturday! Now I just have to pull up my big-girl pants and clean the oven. (Shudder)

    • !! Didn’t think of doing the oven, and am not starting now! Off to Coffs tomorrow to spend a week with Dad. There will be a late-afternoon house-cleaning frenzy by all (human) members of the family, and cleaning of kitchen area by yours truly, so I think that the oven will just have to wait.

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