Ouch – that smarts!

Dashing through a carpark this morning I misjudged a kerb and tripped myself, landing heavily on my left knee (my right arm was cushioned by my beautiful purple bag, which now bears some scrapes). I have plenty of grazing and what promises to be a lovely big bruise, but no serious damage; it is just a bit stiff and sore. Thankfully I did not skin my hands nor did I faceplant as apparently once happened to the nice lady who stopped to see if I was ok. This minor mishap will not interfere with my knitting plans, though it will put the kibosh on my plans to go for an invigorating walk this evening!

My errand this morning was to find items to be my Nicholas Ickle costume for our (slightly late due to other events) Book Week Assembly on Tuesday this week:

I found a black coat and denim shorts at Vinnies, I have black shoes and white socks already, so now I just need to find a red-and-white striped shirt and some black cardboard to make my hat. I think that my new grazes will add to the authenticity of the ‘grubby small boy’ persona!

In other news, this afternoon we went to see the matinee of the aforementioned musical event – a production of Monty Python’s Spamalot! It was hilarious – funny, rude, very un-pc, and quite a bit of it sailed straight over Miss Violet’s head!! What a great way to spend an afternoon 🙂

I am now ensconced on the sofa, electronic devices and knitting at the ready – oh, where to start? And to top it all off dinner will be some iteration of tacos or burritos or nachos – someone (not me, obviously) will be nipping down to the shops for sour cream and grated cheese, but the rest of the ingredients are readily to hand – if I can just convince the MOMD to do the fossicking in the freezer to find the leftover taco mince, I won’t have to do anything at all!

Oh, and you know what else? Tomorrow I am treating myself to a ticket to the movies to see the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who at the State Cinema – my son will be going too, with his friends, but I won’t embarrass the dear boy by insisting on sitting with them 🙂

I hope your weekend brings nothing worse than a bruise, and many more things as awesome as my musical, sci-fi, cafe-lunching, wine-sipping and multiple-knitting-projecting weekend!



2 thoughts on “Ouch – that smarts!

  1. Wasn’t Doctor Who fabulous?? I loved watching it, with the extras, at the cinema. Oh I have a sore knew, I hope yours is better now???

    • My knee is healing rapidly, thank you, just uncomfortable going up stairs. Nothing to worry about, and my slower pace suits poor old Ziggy quite well!

      Sent from Kate’s iPhone


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