Look what I found!

More 4 ply! The 3 partial socks have all been frogged, and the wriggly yarn has been soaked smooth and hung out to dry overnight. Everything has been photographed and put away in the stash cupboard – does that need a new name? The Yarn Portal? Yarntopia? The Door to Yarnia? Knitopia? Knitlandia? I might consult the mighty forces of Ravelry and see what they say…


Anyway, back to the topic: that was one tub brought in from the shed, catalogued and dealt with. As I find scraps of 4 or 8ply yarns, I am seized with an unreasonable desire to do something with them; I think that there will be a box for 8ply oddments that are destined for some kind of granny-square blanket, but not sure about the 4ply leftovers. I like to keep a few metres of yarn after finishing a pair of socks, ready for the inevitable darning, but what to do with the rest? Another box to look after those for a while till they reach a Critical Mass, I think!
In other news: it must be Spring. The weather dashes from endless rain to gale force winds to beautifully mild to a predicted max tomorrow of 8 degrees Celcius (which is slightly less than half of today’s achieved temperature). There are daffodils, jonquils, grape hyacinths and magnolias flowering away, plus the plum tree is covered in sweet white blossoms, promising a bounty of delicious fruit in January. We have been attacking the weeds throughout the garden and revealing dirt ready for planting. Today I even sprayed the nectarine tree (to prevent leaf curl- I hope this works!), and shifted the compost bin. The rich earth beneath has been sown with onion and cabbage seeds, and more of the composty goodness was dug into other beds, along with sheep manure. That’s another sign of Spring- a frenzied urge to dig and rake and play in the dirt while dreaming of leafy deliciousness to follow.
Less fabulous but most definitely seasonal is the cold that grabbed Violet last week, and moved on to Jeremy and I this week – we stayed home yesterday and I am feeling much improved after doing as little as possible all day, then sleeping really well last night.
Tonight we enjoyed yet another fabulous dinner: Craig dig a pork rib roast with lashings of roasted veges and applesauce and gravy, followed by apple and rhubarb crumble. I had a quick stroll to the shop after dinner to buy cream, which was very necessary to make room for dessert!
With everything done, I think now it might be time to organise a movie for the grown ups to enjoy once the kids are in bed. I must grab some knitting to be going on with!


One thought on “Look what I found!

  1. Oh I love your wool, what a lovely photo of joyful knitting to come. Colds abound here in the North too. Wow, that dinner sounds fabulous!! Feel well soon.

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