So much fun!

I am having a ridiculous amount of fun this weekend, transferring my stash to my new stash cupboard, and making sure to photograph and add details to my Ravelry notebook at the same time. This makes for a fairly time-consuming process, but I will end up with a well-organised stash, lots of plans for how to use everything, and a much tidier area in the rumpus room!

Blog fodder

Also this weekend I very much enjoyed going to snb, where we had a fresh turnout of 6 people! I couldn’t finish my spinach and feta gozleme, so that came home with me to be today’s lunch 🙂 I took along my Bendi yarns to show off, and several people have now added Moseley Park to their list of yarns to try!

Craig, the MOMD, made a curry feast for dinner last night, so we all over-indulged a little but I shall take advantage of the sunshine to go for a walk shortly to help work it off. Part of the feast was fruity naan for dessert, so this morning I cooked up the rest of the dough and had some for breakfast – yum!

Blog fodder

Other fun: KissMyFrog linked to the Girl Genius online manga the other day, so I spent a couple of hours knitting while reading that yesterday morning, and giggling so much Craig enquired what was going on. I have started a sock using some deep stash (Trekking handpainted yarn, a gift from Tink years ago) and using the Charade pattern – so far it is cruising along nicely – I have to watch what I’m doing with the slipped stitches in the herringbone pattern, but otherwise very easy. I’m in two minds which heel to do though – recently I’ve heard of a solution to the tight hinge problem I have with Sweet Tomato Heel socks, but yesterday GenYKnittingNana was talking about the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, so now I don’t know which to do! I have a couple of inches to go before I have to decide.

Blog fodder

And that will do for now… I’ll pop some pics in and see you later!


5 thoughts on “So much fun!

  1. Heh heh, I knew you’d love it!

    The stash cupboard is looking good – well organised, and still plenty of space to fill…

    I like the toe-up gusset heel from Yarnissima, but I’ve heard good things about the fish-lips kiss – CleverChook uses it quite a bit

  2. Yes, I have looked at the Fish Kiss heel too. Stop having such delicious food on your blog when I am hungry!! I think your clever storage is a wonderful idea!!

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