Into town, bought hanging organisers for my new stash cupboard, went to the Farm Gate Market and found fabulous sausages from Mount Gnomon Farm (just ate Pork & Paprika, and Beef & Plum sausages for lunch – these are too good to call snags!), then tried out the new Vita: Nature+Culture frozen yoghurt place; lots of ‘real’ flavours (I had Chai and Salted Caramel), then the toppings are fruits, nuts, things like spiced pear compote, white chocolate with goji berries, toasted coconut, lemon shortbread, brownie pieces – very grown-up compared to the usual range of gummy bears and crushed oreos! Most of us liked it, but Violet would like the ‘normal’ kind I think 😉

I am now trying to work up the energy to tackle my school work… Unfortunately we have declared a screen-free afternoon, so all children are in the front room (aka The Quiet Room) interacting in much the way you would expect siblings to behave. I think I am going to take my gear and go sit out the front, close enough to hear any screams, far enough to make the bickering fairly inaudible.



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