Today’s knitting adventures began with darning in the ends on Miss V’s new mitts, which are technically numbers 2 and 3…


Next I finished the cuff of the second sleeve of My Favourite Cardi, and unpicked the too-loose hem. That yarn is skeined and soaking out the crinkles, as is the outer half of the spare ball I brought with me, so I will redo the hem once my yarn is dry.

I have just darned some new holes in the backs of my purple socks, next to the previous darns, so you can see why this post is called “Double-darn it!”


After dinner I will pick up my Same Same and work out where I am up (down?) to on the sleeve, and spend some quality time during tomorrow’s car trips working away on it. We are driving to Lockhart to visit my relatives, so that will be 2 1/2 hrs each way, plus sit-and-chat time; I expect to get a lot done tomorrow!

The rest of the time I am adding rows to my second Treppenviertel sock- 12 to go till I start the heel! This is a very productive holiday – amazing how much I can get done when I don’t spend 9 hours out of the house every day!