Travel knitting fun!

We began our family holiday yesterday with an afternoon in the car travelling up to Devonport to catch the ferry. While I have a large bag of projects for the two weekend away, my car knitting was a pair of gloves for Violet and the second Treppenviertel sock for me.

I finished the glove, complete with fingers, but they were too tight so I unpicked that and did a ribbed cuff around the fingers instead.

I can’t show it to you because little Miss Forgetful left it in the cabin on the ferry! Today on the trip north from Melbourne to Hay I finished a new one (just after Echuca), and the third is on the needles even as I type.
My second Treppenviertel is nearly down to the heel – about an inch to go. I’ve been knitting so much these past two days that I have had to take care to stop and stretch regularly and swap between the different-gauge projects so as not to give myself RSI!!
More projects to come in the next few days, but I will leave you with the westering sky that graced my walk this evening…



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