Soooo close!

That sleeve from last post? half the cuff hem done last weekend at my solo snb (no-one else turned up, so I drank my tea and ate my turkish nougat in blissful silence, reading my brand-new copy of Up, Down, All-Around by Wendy Bernard, and knitting).

Of course I haven’t touched it since then.

My school-knitting socks are now half-way down the foot and racing along – when I remember to pick them up.

I have promised to take a long-awaited baby cardi in to work on Monday – the baby has been here for a while, the cardi was requested for this winter, and considering how long ago the weather turned cold, I am ashamed of making the poor woman wait so long! Today I must finish the sleeve, in case I have guessed the sizing correctly. This is one of those projects where you use 8ply instead of the specified worsted weight, guesstimate the gauge, and knit a size or so up to split the difference, hoping that 6 months down the track the cardi will be approximately the right size for the baby… Having done this sort of thing before (knitting for children who grow), it is a loose, top-down garment, and I added more stitches to the sleeves, so if it is too short it will be easy to add a little length.

Other than that there is little news on the knitting front – but I am starting to keenly anticipate our family trip to the mainland in the July, planning for travel knitting projects, and which garments which must be finished to wear at Bendi the day before we come home!!


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