That moment when

You discover that the problem with the dishwasher is easily fixed: you just have to dig out several inches of solidified fat from the waste water pipe.

Over half an hour later, thanks to judicious use of a skewer, several applications of bicarbonate of soda with a vinegar chaser, and about three kettles’ worth of boiling water, the pipe is clean and the dishwasher is on the hottest cycle.

Apparently there is a hidden risk to relying on the 45•C Eco cycle.


9 thoughts on “That moment when

  1. My dishwasher will be back on line in about an hour or so – the plumber is installing a new pump even as I type this. Tonight, I’ll be having an actual shower instead of the increasingly disappointing trickle that we’ve been putting up with for months now.

  2. Sometimes “Eco” is not so friendly. Listened to a plumber condemning dual flush the other day. Two ‘half’ flushes use more water than a single flush. Our electrician was equally disappointed with some energy saver bulbs.

  3. It must be dishwasher week. I pulled the inside of mine apart this week and cleaned under the mesh filter and inside the spray arms, put it all back together and ran it only to realise I had put the top spray arm on upside down and had dirty dishes on the top and extra clean ones on the bottom. All fixed now. Can I ask how you knew to clean the pipe and if you mean the pipe inside the machine leading to outside or something else? Since I only run Eco might be worth checking…

    • I didn’t plan to clean the pipe, that was just the next logical step after cleaning out the bottom of the machine and finding no obvious reason why the waste water hadn’t been pumped out. So I cleaned out the cupboard under the sink (I keep baking trays etc in there, things that wouldn’t be damaged by sink leakage), put something under the u-bend just in case, and detached the very end of the waster water hose from the spouty bit on the side of the u-bend. I carefully laid the waster water pipe down towards a dish on a towel on the floor, and nothing happened, so I looked inside the end of the pipe and discovered The Lardy Truth. Thereafter it was down to elbow-grease to fix the problem…

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