From my (hoarse) sofa…

I have just had two days at home with a nasty sore throat and general coldy-malaise, thankfully not too much coughing ‘coz that really hurt. There has been much snoozing, however there has also been time to make some progress:

One Spiral Mitt done, the next started.

Second of a pair of socks for hubby, only lacks 1/2″ of ribbing (yay for ebooks, I would not have survived 6″ of 1×1 ribbing without distraction) (same as this pair – I’m going to get 3 pairs from 2 balls of 6ply Zauberball)

The top of yoke of My Favourite Colour cardi


Cruising the interwebs a bit and I came across this: Stitch Maps. Very interesting! I wonder is that how knitters used to chart their work? It reminds me a lot of diagrams for crochet patterns, where the symbols so closely resemble the stitches that you can almost see the finished effect before you start.


Lastly I can confirm that I will be visiting the mainland in July, as we are going to a family gathering to attend FIL’s birthday celebrations – this coincides beautifully with a) our school holidays and b) Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. Thus we have ferry tickets for 5 at the start and end of the hols, and I will stock up on Travacalm-type pills (I tried Kwells and they make my eyeballs drunk, which makes knitting the night away a little difficult). I do prefer to fly, and usually it is cheaper, but I think that the winter-exodus of Tasmanians in search of Vitamin D did me no favours. I wonder if I can convince my husband that the $300 we saved on the ferry should be credited towards my Bendigo shopping list??


One thought on “From my (hoarse) sofa…

  1. Oh I am sad you were not well, but at least you had knitting progress to comfort you. Surely the skill of saving money needs to be rewarded with woollen purchases?? I am lucky not to get any travel sickness and I can read in the car too. Obviously not when I am driving!!!

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