Instant Mojo Booster!!


The blue-white one took a week, but the red-orange-pink pair were done in two days! And now I just need to finish one more to have enough dishcloths to see out a whole week šŸ™‚
(Assuming of course I actually washed up every day…)
(Stop that! I don’t leave the kitchen piled high!! I love my dishwasher!!)
(Except for the leak we seem to have at the front seal this week. That I do not like, Sam-I-Am)


3 thoughts on “Instant Mojo Booster!!

  1. Oh, what a good idea. Well done,. I can’t bear to use them for dishcloths, I will use them as flannels though!! Oh no, a leak.

    • I used to make both, but the rest of the family found that too confusing – no one could remember which cloths went in which drawer, so now I only make dishcloths. I much prefer these for longevity and coverage of surfaces to sponges or other alternatives. And now I sound like someone who spends entirely too much time thinking about the physics of housework…

  2. Knitting mojo or dish washing mojo? They are very pretty, maybe pretty wash cloths would help my complete lack of dish washing mojo. I too love the dishwasher.

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