Pushing on

I have been working bit-by-bit on my Same Same cardi, and today began the I-cord bind-off along the hem. Despite watching generous amounts of Gnomes and Trolls 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 with my kids, I am still only about halfway along the edge – this is not a technique I can do without looking! I think it will look pretty good though. I modified the back a little to do a slight shirt-tail hem, as I don’t like cardigans that pull up above my waistband any time I lean forward, and I like the way this edging follows the curve so smoothly.

We have a public holiday tomorrow for the Hobart Regatta, though who knows what the weather will be like for everyone out on the water. Today we hit 35*C by lunchtime, then a change roared in from the west – literally! Storm, winds, driving rain, thunder and lightning! By 3pm it was calming down again, the temperature had dropped by half, and the air was clear of any hint of smoke from the various small bushfires that we have had around here recently. I took Zara the Jack Russell-ish terrier for a walk and revelled in the incredible clarity of the stars and moon, and the way the clouds in the west caught the last of the distant daylight, and the freshness of air that has been scoured by a summer storm.

This coming week will be my first proper week of classes, and I hope that by Friday I will have gotten myself back into the patterns and energy levels of term-time. It always feels as though the first couple of weeks I can’t quite match my output to all the demands of the working day and family life, but after that I get back into the most effective routines and life starts to run more smoothly.

One can only hope.

In other news we have been working more on the garden, and Craig and I stole an hour away this morning at a lovely nursery and came home with some shrubs, berry canes and two trees to plant. I will be dragooning my children into helping tomorrow morning with all the digging and planting we have to do, as well as some seriously squishy clean-up of fallen apricots and nectarines. They will probably complain, but I know that next year when we pick fruit from the fruit trees or admire the gorgeous colours in our garden they will remember helping put it all together.

It’s a good thing I can be patient and take the long view, because the short-term will probably be more than a little pouty.

Time to put something on the tv and work a little more hemming magic on this cardi – after all, I am supposed to share knitting content on here from time to time, aren’t I?


One thought on “Pushing on

  1. I hope the cardigan is going well. I don’t like to show my back either!!! I saw how awful the weather was, my mum last power for a while.but was OK. The Summer has been very strange. Yes, the children will remember the fruit and the fun. That’s what I remember, not the horrid working parts!! Hope all goes well at school.

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