Hooray for 2014!

Editor’s note: I wrote this on the 4th, got partway through and stopped, distraught at the tale of woe that I was trying to share regarding my Same Same cardigan. I hope you can forgive the emotional distress that lead me to neglect this blog for almost 3 weeks, and rejoice with me at conquering my entirely own-fault issues with my knitting.

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that you were able to usher in the New Year in whatever way made you happy šŸ™‚

We had been away and got home on New Year’s Eve in time for a late dinner, then walked around to a nearby park to watch the Hobart fireworks across the river with many other local residents – in some ways the 8-second delay for the booms to reach us was more fun than being up close! At home the girls went to bed but asked to be woken up for the midnight edition, so at a quarter to midnight we got everyone up and dressed again and toddled back around to see the fireworks – this time there was only one other local at the vantage point, but we could hear the sound of Auld Lang Syne drifting from various houses around the area. It was a nice family evening for us, and a good way to finish a year that has had a lot of focus on family.

Speaking of focus, I was listing to the Knitmore Girls Podcast yesterday, and Jasmin was talking about having a theme for the year, rather than resolutions. I was thinking about this, and as I certainly don’t do resolutions (I discovered recently that I come by my dilettante ways honestly – my Mum also cycles through new things and abandons them for newer and shinier activities) I thought perhaps a theme is a better way to go. So, I’ve decided that my theme is “Stop dithering and get going”. For example:

  • Walking every day – stop thinking about it and get moving.
  • Cleaning up the kitchen or other area? It will be done much faster if I stop thinking about how boring it is, whack something on the stereo and just get it over with.
  • Knitting projects? Stop dithering about how many things are unsorted in the big pile, grab the nearest and get on with it!
  • New recipes? Stop worrying whether the kids will like it and make it anyway – if they hate it they can make themselves sandwiches!

In my knitting part of this I have been working on my Same Same – I ripped back to the armholes (now you see where the emotional distress kicked in) because not only had I forgotten waist shaping decreases and increases, but in the picture a couple of posts ago I realised that there was a very noticeable difference in my skeins, and I just couldn’t live with both mistakes! I am now back to where I was before, so not too many inches to go to reach the hem.

Other knitting I have worked on over the holidays:

  • husband’s sock (thanks to the trip away I got the foot and 2/3 of a heel done on second sock – maybe I should aim to finish for Valentine’s Day?)
  • started a Treppenviertel sock
  • cast off the ribbing of my Decimal Cardigan and promptly decided it isn’t wide enough, so will have to unpick (oh heck) and reknit the neckband, once I find the yarn and the will to live…

I have other creative news, but it would only be upstaged so I will save it for later.

And last but certainly not least, voila!


The Blue Strategist Dalek, knitted for a friend from work for his 40th birthday, complete with squiddy Dalek finger puppet:



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