So you’d be wondering, now that school is finished and I should have more time available for knitting and blogging about knitting, why it is that there is so little happening on my blog? That would be because I have been a victim of my own enthusiasm… There I was, merrily knitting and pleating my way down my Same Same cardi, looking forward to finishing the hem, so I thought I had better check the directions as to length etc… Now, where was I? pleats – ah, here it is, but wait… what’s that? **AT THE SAME TIME DO NOT FORGET THE WAIST SHAPING** Where was I supposed to do that? 3 inches ago???? Oh far out….

Pout. Sigh. Double check. Gaze upon my knitting. Frown. Look more closely – is that..? But the torso and the shoulders look a little different… Hold it to the sunlight… Oh dear. The second skein is lighter than the first.

Bleepity bleep bleep bleeeeeeep.

So there you have it. My Same Same is in the naughty corner until I can bring myself to re-examine it.

I’m swatching something purple instead now. That will teach it to misbehave.