Proof of (Knitting) Life

So I didn’t mean to operate in blog-silence this past month, but the phone app ate one draft post, and life in general disinclined me to sit down and type up yet another iteration of “work is busy, kids are good, I’m only knitting one thing”… Thus I rationalise my apathetic behaviour to myself!
Same Same progress

Knitting: I have been monogamously working on my Same Same, which has had the adorable effect of making it grow quite quickly! I think I am nearly done with the body – only one side-pleat to go! This cardi will forever be synonymous with Doctor Who for me now: I spent most of my free evenings last month knitting in front of the computer so I could catch up on one-and-a-half seasons’ worth of episodes, just in time to watch the 50th Anniversary Special last Sunday morning. It was enormous fun bingeing on my favourite show, and it did make the stocking stitch go oh so much faster! Now of course I am a bit stuck- I only have the doco left to watch, and then what will I use as a knitting motivator??

Other knitting: not happening. The cable came out of my needles while working on a new pair of Sweet Tomato Heel socks from my Cranberry Zauberball leftovers, and I was so miffed that I haven’t picked it up since! Also I fear I have started the heel too soon (again!), and should probably rip it back and reknit. But not today!! I am fantasising about swatching for something from the Knit To Flatter book, but I will try to save that till I finish work in less than a fortnight (yay my school! We finish a little early!).

Life in general: it’s the silly season. Not as manic as some years, but still plenty going on.

Other noteworthy news: after some discussions on the Tassie Stitchers Ravelry forum, I joined the 10,000 Steps initiative, put the app on my phone, added a pedometer app, and have been booting myself out of the house for an extra walk most evenings. I undertook the Easy Challenge – to walk around the coast of Grenada – which added up to 246km for the month! I think I can do more, but December is a bit ridiculous really so I will tackle the Easy Challenge again, and up the ante partway through the month if I think I can get there. I am finding that it is a lot easier to kick myself out of the house for half an hour either before dinner or after the kids are in bed when I have numbers in front of me telling me that I just need a 20 min walk to get that last few thousand steps in there – I even booted up and went out in the rain a couple of times!! I am starting to choose my evening direction according to how many steps I have left to achieve, and often nip down to the supermarket for something small and take the long way home… I don’t have any miraculous Biggest Loser style effects, but then that kind of thing isn’t sustainable, is it? I am feeling some changes for the better, so I will keep at it. I would love to add some yoga or Tai Chi but I can’t leave my kids at night and don’t want to take up weekend family time, so this will do for now.

Lastly we are looking forward to the end of school, the arrival of my parents for Christmas, some warmth and sunshine after a wet and unpredictable spring, and a nice little bit of downtime. Bring it on!!


3 thoughts on “Proof of (Knitting) Life

  1. Very nice blue Who cardi, almost TARDIS blue I think.
    Well done on the steps. I know other people who have been doing it too. I walk in the rain, I actually like a light drizzle, not a storm. I can’t believe it is December!!

  2. Hey, you! Is that new hair, or have I just not seen you for so long that it seems new to me? (Did that make any sense?) Love the cardi, that’s some solid progress. You could always go right back to the beginning and watch all the Doctor Who episodes, either from William Hartnell, or just from Christopher Eccleston.

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