New Knitting!

After I finished my Daybreak, I allowed myself the thrill of casting on something new with more Bendi yarn: Same Same but Different, a 4ply variation on the Walnuss cardigan. I have been wanting to make this for ages, because the simplicity of the cardigan is so lovely, and because I wanted to try the contiguous sleeve method. I bought some gorgeous teal green BFL 4ply from Oyster Yarns from one of the vendors at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, so I have 1200m of fabulous wool to play with!

On Saturday I sat down to cast on, and followed a link from the morning news roundup, which led me to watch a team of Norwegian knitters attempting the Back-to-Back Challenge! I spent most of Saturday afternoon watching the spinning and knitting, though it got harder and harder the longer it went, perhaps as more and more people in Europe woke up and started watching! The tv station who organised and broadcast the whole thing had set up 12 hours of knitting, though the Challenge attempt went on at least another 3 hours beyond that!


I have now finished the shoulders and should be doing the crew neck, but I don’t really like high crew necks, so I am going to keep increasing at the neck edge and turn it into a more v-neck style. The colour is a little greener in real life… Note the laptop screen – the host in red changed her jumper a few times, and all were beautiful stranded yoke jumpers – the event was held in a textile museum, with knitting machines in the background, and yarn and garments on display all over the place – it looks fantastic! Adding it to the places to see list πŸ™‚ The English commentary was provided by Eline Of, who wrote a book about Scandinavian knitting designs (or something like that), and who did a wonderful job of translating on the spot. The only thing that stumped her was a ball-winder, the ordinary blue and white tilted-cone plastic ones, she didn’t know what it was although the function was fairly obvious as one of the knitting/spinning team wound up some yarn.


It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon! Usually I would have headed off to s’n’b for the first Saturday of the month, but I had a nasty virus (courtesy of youngest member of the house) and didn’t want to share it around. I’m mostly better, though still scratchy of throat and sticking to softer foods – I tried eating an apple yesterday and had to give up, my throat is still too sore.


There are other bits and pieces to share but I must go get some sleep now if don’t want a relapse!



4 thoughts on “New Knitting!

  1. Oh, I am very interested in your contiguous sleeve. I have wanted to try one. That is a very lovely cardigan and such a pretty colour!!
    I saw the knitting show, not all of it, but some, How funny to us that a ball-winder stumps people, but show me some weird tool from another craft and I would be just as amazed.
    Hope you are feeling better. I have a bit of a cold/virus. something too. It is the Spring weather.

    • I shall keep you posted on shoulder progress.

      And as for tools, I’m sure there are bucketloads of spinning and weaving tools that would have me quite confused!

      I am mostly better thank you, just a nagging sore throat but I am sure that that will clear up with a liberal application of Enough Sleep and Sufficient Sunshine. I have used these remedies in the past with significant success, but I just have to work out where to get them now. πŸ™‚

  2. That sounds like such a splendid way of spending some knitting time while looking after your health πŸ™‚

    Love the colour of the yarn and a bit more green is even better!

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