Birthday Happiness!

This past Thursday marked my 40th birthday, and I have definitely been feeling very loved!
Working on one’s birthday can be less than exciting, but I received so many good wishes, nice emails, and a vase of flowers from my husband, that my day was lovely!

The flowers arrived during one of my Year 4 classes, and as my library colleague walked down the room with them she led the class in a round of Happy Birthday!! It was so nice, I am sure I blushed as I laughed 🙂

Today Craig took two of our children out shopping, and returned with a lovely array of kitchen things for me, all of them precisely perfect!

Tonight we are all going out to dinner, then tomorrow I shall take children shopping for Craig’s presents – his birthday is the day before mine. What with having two incomes now, and not being people who collect anything (aside from yarn, but that’s just me and I’ve got plenty for now), it can be difficult to answer the question of what we would like to receive for birthdays or Christmas. These types of stylishly useful things though are just right: every time I use them I will remember my birthday and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.


10 thoughts on “Birthday Happiness!

  1. Happy Birthday Kate, welcome to the 40 club, I joined it 15 days before you! Obviously Kate (kissmyfrog) joined a while ago lol! 😛

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Kate, I am so glad you had a wonderful day!! I was 40 sooo long ago it is a distant memory!!! What a lovely gift. I think it really is the thought that counts.

    • Thank you! The flowers are still gracing my office, though I must remember to take them home for the long weekend – my intelligent hubby asked for a vase as part of the package, so once these flowers are gone I’ll have a nice receptacle for some more!

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