Rain and germs

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, and snuggled back down for a sleep-in, happy not to have to take my still-recovering self out into a cold morning to walk my poor, neglected dogs.

When I got up I took my time starting the morning, only to hear chunky, chokey coughing coming from both daughters, which put paid to any plans I had of going to work today. It has been a long time since I last had to stay home with sick children, because while we were in HK my husband was the designated carer, and until he started working in Smithton a couple of months ago he was at home to look after sick children. We had a very quiet day, reading stories, knitting (me and – briefly – Violet), doing housework and odd jobs (me), playing with lego (them)… They had a movie with lunch, but that was the only screen time. I had a snooze after lunch (chicken and sweet corn soup, yum), fetched son home, made chicken and ham pot pies for dinner, and worked a little on the computer. All in all a fairly peaceful day, with lots of little family moments in there that seem to be getting rarer – the sound of my girls giggling as they spun themselves dizzy, or talking as they played some complicated lego people wedding game; snuggling on the lounge while each of them read to me… discovering that Ziggy, dozing away at my feet, now makes smells in his old age, and trying to compensate by bringing in more jasmine…

In little bits of time amongst all that I got a couple of inches done on the In Threes cardi for Bookbaby – it is almost time for the garter ridge at the hem:

 Cardi progress

How was your day?


3 thoughts on “Rain and germs

  1. Poor smelly Ziggy. It is a bit embarrassing. Charcoal biscuits?
    Spring has been a Gerry time here too. Must be the up and down weather.
    Where does the time go? I looked at photos of your family day and there are all these grown up children! Nice posing with the daisy ring, very regal.

  2. We are looking forward to pyjama day over here. The school holidays start this afternoon and we start and end the holidays with a pj day so the kids know not to ask to do anything or go anywhere, it’s all about chilling out. I hope you guys get a chance to do that without the kids being sick when you have your holidays

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