Let the cute continue…

I have been working on a cardi for BookBaby (her mum is a librarian in the senior school library at my school, so ‘BookBaby’ seems appropriate, doesn’t it?). Her mum likes feminine blouses and wears a lot of pastels, but for her daughter she wanted loud – fuschia in fact! I bought the yarn at Bendigo (see post here) and was given enthusiastic approval for the colour. Next was a discussion of garment preferences – I showed her a few different things I had made before, and we talked about features she liked, then I narrowed it down to three and sent her a pic of a pink version of each (thank you Ravelry!). The verdict: In Threes by Kelly Herdrich
Cardi InThrees

The pattern calls for 10~12ply yarn, but I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury in 8ply, so I am following the instructions for the 12mth size to aim for wearability for a 6mths old child – which will give BookBaby something to wear from the start of next winter through to next spring, if both she and the cardi turn out fairly average size for the age group!

As you can see from the posing of the knitting, spring is in full bloom here, daisies are sparkling up through the grass in the park, and the sun was positively warm yesterday! Glorious weather for sitting and knitting in the sun….


2 thoughts on “Let the cute continue…

  1. Very cute indeed! Isn’t it easy now to help people choose what you will knit for them?
    Spring is definitely here. Is it still raining? It has stopped here.

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