Even more booties

Amazing what you can do with sock leftovers!
I am conducting a scientific experiment to see whether booties alleviate the symptoms of a cold.
So far the cold stays, but at least the booties make me happier.


4 thoughts on “Even more booties

  1. Oh no, I would have participated in your Booties Alleviating A Cold experiment if it worked.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, I have my fingers crossed that my cold is going.
    Very cute booties. I love the way the colours work out.

    • On the mend now, thankfully! Very glad I took a few days off, else I would undoubtedly not be feeling as good as I do. Listening to tales of woe as others drop like flies around me – just hoping my kids don’t get sick before the 2nd October (school hols, they can be sick if they like then)

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