Not sure what happened there…

but I am sure I wrote something during this month, I just don’t know where it went!

While I was at Bendigo my laptop back here went very strange, and once I got home I discovered that it had died almost completely. Then I found out that my extended warranty hadn’t been activated (I was busy moving to HK when I bought it, there may be some kind of freaky cause-and-effect there somewhere) so I had to sort that out before I could have it repaired. Finally I got it back, backup done on the brand new 1T hdd I bought for the purpose, and running about as well as you’d expect for a laptop that has just had the whole hd replaced after only 2 years – a few spots needing fine tuning, but all files in place (phew). Having my laptop back is nice, but I’d like a little more free time in my day as well thanks.

Knitting: what’s that? I think I remember what that was….. but I haven’t been doing much of it. Hubby’s sock has been getting a round here and there, but it is endless 1×1 ribbing on the leg, so don’t be looking at that for any thrills or excitement. My Daybreak shawl now has 15 of the minimum 16 pairs of stripes, but I have lots and lots of yarn left, so I’m feeling the urge to keep on striping. I will do a bit of a stretch out first to check size, but I think I will certainly keep going a bit further. I haven’t touched anything else for weeks…

Work has been interesting – I have been relieving my boss for the past 5 weeks, which has meant longer days for half of each week, and that blank-brain effect at night that you get after a day of absorbing new information and dealing with new situations – thus the lack of any knitting. One more week and then I head back over to the Junior/Middle school side of things, and try to remember what I was planning to do with the rest of the year…!

The biggest things recently though have been going to see my son in the Middle School musical – I have been ferrying him to and from rehearsals for a month or so, and last week there were 3 evening performances, so I took the girls along on Wed and we say them play “Tuck”, a humorous play about Robin Hood from the point of view of Friar Tuck, with a side serving of farce from the stage-crew-cum-trees. Then Thurs night I went out to a celebratory dinner for a colleague and friend, Friday night was a girls’ night in with some women from work, and on Saturday my hubby and I went to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Theatre Royal. That was wonderful, and I hummed my way through almost all of it – one of those things that you’ve heard about for so long, and heard bits of here and there, that when you finally do see the whole thing it is like meeting someone face-to-face whom you’ve known online for ages! I’m not used to all of this going out at night – no wonder I’m too tired to knit!

To finish I will add in a few photos – yesterday we had fish and chips from the excellent Fish Bar at Bellerive, then I put some of the leftover salmon on goat’s chevre and baby rocket leaves for breakfast today. The delectable cupcakes are Eggless Chocolate Banana Cakes – school-friendly baking can be tricky, but I’ll be making these again! nom-nom-nom!!

Saturday Fish’n’chips




2 thoughts on “Not sure what happened there…

  1. Oh dear, that’s no good, I am glad your laptop is up to speed again. Those cup cakes look delicious!! I can only knit socks, I am about to finish my third pair this week, I have been knitting them for a while,. but it is all socks here!!

    • Yay for socks, I say! I think I need some royal blue socks to match some of the jumpers I wear regularly to school. Or is matching your socks to your jumper a fashion no-no?

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