Family weekend

Although there wasn’t anything special on, we had a nice weekend.

On Saturday we took the kids and dogs for a walk to a deli cafe in our suburb, where we selected delicious things from the brunch menu and schooled our dogs in the fine art of sitting under the table without getting their leads completely tangled in the chair and table legs. The dogs apparently need more practice.
My salmon on crushed potatoes with horseradish cream and beetroot walnut pesto was superb, and Sophie’s ricotta quinoa hotcakes were delicious!



Saturday afternoon was grey and gloomy, so we declared a family movie event, made popcorn, gathered around the tv and watched lots of Star Wars movies through the afternoon and evening. It was lots of fun, and we will do it again some rainy day.

Before Craig left for his northern job, I asked him to try on the sock I had taken with me on the plane to Bendigo – I had turned the heel but couldn’t go any further till I had had it checked by the designated owner. The sock looked ridiculously long on the needles, but has proved to be a perfect fit! Yay!!


And in post-Bendigo news, I have been making progress on the Daybreak shawl, particularly in front of stay-home-movies!



2 thoughts on “Family weekend

  1. Well that sounds like a perfectly wonderful afternoon. Yay fpr Star Wars!!! Yum such delicious food too. Definitely more doggie outings then. Well done with the socks.

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