New hat time!

Bendi is just around the corner, and winter is here and keeping me cooler than I’d like, so I thought it was past time to make a new hat. I am maybe 2/3 of the way through a Kumara Diamond Cap (free Classic Elite pattern here), using some ancient red Cleckheaton Angora Supreme from stash. This yarn predates our move to Tassie, so it is at least 7 years old, although I think probably even more than that. The only clue I have is the Spotlight sale price tag ($4.50) which means pretty darn old, and also means that when I ran out of red yarn at the end of the third diamond repeat, the only option was to dig out the lone purple ball and keep on with it! I am going to change the patterning slightly in the purple, and add some purple embroidery over the red part to make it look more intentional than accidental 🙂

I have gotten lots done on the next of Craig’s socks, and am almost ready to turn the heel. My Vine Yoke cardi is waiting for me to pay attention to finishing the first sleeve, and then I will get on with the back. I have a few swatches and unravelled bits that need to be skeined, washed and dried to reclaim the yarn in order to finish it, but I am hopeful that I will get there. If all else fails I will beg a HK friend to go back to the store where I bought it and try to get me some more.

That’s all for the knitting, but I should tell you that I’m having fun cooking at the moment. I made some Apple Teacakes this morning which are a lovely combo of apple, cinnamon and lemon, and a big hit with the kids. They are quick to make and have a nice texture from the sour cream. I have to shout out to Cindy 2paw for her Friday Food blog posts: they always make me salivate, and so last week I was inspired to make a pumpkin curry version of her One-Pot Split Pea Soup, and it was wonderful! I simmered the peas once and drained and rinsed them before putting in the soup, because I find that otherwise legumes repeat on me most embarrassingly, and I added pearl barley and pumpkin to bulk it out a little. It was so yummy! The kids weren’t interested, but more fool them!

On that note, I think I need another cup of tea…

One thought on “New hat time!

  1. Oh thank you, I am glad you enjoy the cooking, those tea cakes look delicious too.
    Nice hat and I think you can easily make it look deliberate and a design feature!!!
    It has been a bit nippy, but was warm again today and I see 9*C for the nights ahead- a veritable heatwave.

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