Is a sign of a truly accomplished adult, wouldn’t you agree?


As a mother who wishes all of her children to be capable, self-sufficient adults, I insist that they learn certain skills, such as doing the dishes and knowing how to use a dishwasher and a washing machine (and the difference between the two). Today I taught my son how to hem his trousers – he already knows how to iron his shirts. Next should probably be how to sew on a button!


2 thoughts on “Self-sufficiency

  1. Oh, I would definitely call that a win!
    My boys both know how to perform most household tasks, but seem to believe that if you ignore a pile of dirty clothes or a full dishwasher long enough, the jobs will do themselves. It hasn’t happened yet, but if you just have enough faith, dreams CAN come true!

  2. Well done, I used to make children sew on buttons and fix hems if they were in a ‘fight’ at school. IT is a very sobering consequence, lots of time to think!!!

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