They call it ‘room temperature’

We are celebrating the Winter Solstice with bright, sunny days and freezingly clear nights, which translates to an incredibly cold kitchen. Thus, in preparation for making a birthday cake today, I decided that the only way to bring things up to ‘room temperature’ was to get everything ready, bring it to the heated front room, and then do this:


Otherwise, if I left it all out on the kitchen bench, I think that the ingredients might even have ended up colder than if it all stayed in the fridge!

(It was less than 1*C at 7am this morning. I’m not exaggerating how cold my kitchen was today.)

(It probably isn’t quite that bad now, at 10am, but it’s still pretty cold in there)


2 thoughts on “They call it ‘room temperature’

  1. Zac went out the back yard at 11:30 and brought in a sheet of ice form the wheel barrow. Thanks goodness for heating in the house!

  2. It was still icy outside until the afternoon when the sun shone on the ground and grass. I put the sugar and butter in a bowl in the oven as it heats and you can warm an egg in the microwave, out of the shell, in 5 second bursts. But yes, room temperature here is fridge temperature I think!!!

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