Help! I’m not buried under stash!

Just surrounded by life, as usual 🙂

Following the roaring success of my Twist cardi, I have been working on socks for my hubby, and I started a Vine Yoke cardi.

The socks:
Mr Universe

Universal Toe-Up Sock Pattern, from Knitty Summer 06. The yarn is Zauberball Crazy 6ply, in a dark green and black. For the heel I am using the padded Sweet Tomato Heel by Cat Bordhi – once again I started the heel a little early, but adding an extra half-round sorted that out, and he gets extra padding beneath his heel, so I didn’t bother ripping back. 2×2 ribbing up leg of sock until I couldn’t stand it any longer and he declared himself happy. Sock #2 is embryonic… which is to say that it has been cast on, but is not yet recognisable as a sock, being only about 8 rounds into the toe.







Vine Yoke cardi


(Ravelry link)- I knitted about a 1/4 of a front in one weekend, most of it on a cold Sunday, but then came to the sad conclusion that it is just too short, so I am going to rip that out and start again. I am not using the lace on the hemline, as I think it will be more flattering without that flaring at my hips – they do plenty of that all by themselves 😉 The yarn is Zara Plus, bought in Hong Kong at a yarn shop I like to call The House of Zara – it was 70% Filatura di Crosa yarns, and most of those were from the Zara line! Ah, memories….



No other knitting – it has been busy, and I have been reading actual paper printed books ::gasp:: which do not mix well with knitting. I do like the convenience of ebooks – they don’t flip themselves closed if you let go!





Snip for size

There has been some sewing though – altering some clothes to fit my son. He had a camp last week, so the weekend before I was altering some hiking pants(seconds from Kathmandu) and an old jumper of mine to give him extra clothes suitable for changeable weather.







I have been walking almost every day, and trying to add an extra afternoon walk too when time and weather permit. On Sundays I like to make a cafe-style brunch when I come back from a long walk, and funnily enough the rest of the family are quite interested too…

Awesome breakkyBrunch at home


On my walks I have been taking pictures – the water, the sky, the wildlife – the goat. Yes, there is a fully-grown, horned goat living on the old tennis court of a house around the bay from us. I wonder what the council charges to register a goat?
Local goat

Let’s finish with one of my favourites:
Morning glory


2 thoughts on “Help! I’m not buried under stash!

  1. Oh, your blog is all so beautiful and shiny new!! I love the last photo, very gorgeous. Glad you have not been stash buried!!! I have some Zauerball sock wool too: snap!!

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