10 thoughts on “Woohoo!!

  1. And the exit is ‘this’ way!! beautiful catalogue modelling and a wondrous cardigan. It’s just lovely and the colour is perfect on you!! Nice hair cut too. I have no idea which cardigan this is though???

    • It’s the Twist Cardigan from ChicKnits. And thank you for the compliments – I was taking the advice of the Knitmore Girls to ham it up and be active for pics of finished objects. Much better than a nervous rictus and stiff shoulders!

  2. Read the last four posts and this one all together! Nice story in pictures! You should have a glass of champagne in your hand I think! Nice job! Love cables and a great colour!

    • Thank you! I think a nice warm glass of mulled red wine could be even better, considering the temperatures down here 🙂
      I’m glad you liked the photoblogging – I thought I owed everyone a decent bit of content ;P

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