At Long Last!!

Actual Knitting Content!

Bored by sock leg ribbing, no brain space left for tricky bind-off, no idea where any other WIPs are, so on Friday night I grabbed a ball of cotton acrylic from the Hong Kong box and cast on a Fetching for myself. A little more work this afternoon and it will be done!

Of course I will need to make the second, but I think that you will agree with me that even if I am really busy this week (as is highly probable) I will still be able to crank out the second mitt before the end of next weekend.
The weather here is currently glorious, but being Hobart that is subject to change at 15 minutes’ notice! Some mornings recently have been very fresh indeed at 6am, so I will be glad to have these done and sitting ready with the rest of the dog-walking paraphernalia at the back door.


5 thoughts on “At Long Last!!

  1. Nice work! Autumn has begun, there’s that crispness in the air in the mornings and those warm afternoons that I so love 🙂

  2. I am so jealous of you having some cool weather. It is so hot here that a Fetching knitted into a pair of bathers would still be too hot to wear. happy knitting, it’s a great pattern.

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