All or nothing…

What a week! I went back to work on Tuesday, so of course I have very busy with that all day, then coming home to exclaim over the tide of glorious colour washing through our house, then getting on with housework and parenting and then falling exhausted into bed by a reasonable hour!
Thursday evening was enlivened by a visit from Tinkingbell and her crew, Friday was the start-of-school Staff Dinner, Saturday was snb at Pasha’s and Tink’s mob for dinner again, and today was domestic chores and school shopping and grocery shopping and quantities of food prep and cutting son’s hair ready for tomorrow and now I just have to turn up the sleeves of his blazer and the end will be in sight (still my clothes to organise for tomorrow, and a few work emails)
In amongst this frenzied return to what I have heard people call a “normal life” there was a smidgen of knitting! Tink and I went to s’n’b together, and I had lovely fun reconnecting with everyone, meeting a few new people and generally catching up on the local gossip. In a rare moment of realistic clarity I only took with me one project, my Sweet Cranberry Sock, which is at the stage of K2 P1 around and therefore quite difficult to mess up, even when participating in three different conversations and perving on gorgeous yarn all around the room!!
Now I must ply my sewing needle with all speed, such that I can get to bed within the hour! The students arrive for their first day tomorrow!! A good night’s sleep is essential!!!

(Living room in progress)


6 thoughts on “All or nothing…

  1. Holy cow! What is that gorgeous, gorgeous colour?!? Please tell me it’s not just a feature wall (lie to me if necessary), because that’s a colour that deserves to go all the way around the room!

    • That wall is ‘Certainly Red’, British Paints, and I’m afraid it is a feature wall, but it is the biggest wall and will certainly dominate! I would kind of like a totally red room, but I don’t think Craig was convinced… 😉 Kate

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  2. I think you always need something simple for chatting knitting when you are out!! That’s a nice red, I am not sure I could have a totally red room, though MrsHouseOf has a deep red/burgundy velvet wallpapered dining room in her older house and it is very cosy!! Hope school went well for everyone!!

  3. Hey busy lady, how have the first couple of kid at school days gone? The house is certainly getting an interesting facelift. It’s hard to believe you guys were gone so long!

  4. The colours are beyond gorgeous! Especially the Happy Blue Hallway, and extremely inspirational.

    My kids are loving being back at school – I hope yours are too!

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