Nitting the New Year

1) Happy New Year! I hope you began 2013 with fun and festivities suited to your taste, budget and lifestyle 🙂

2) I have had my first ever pedicure, courtesy of a gift voucher from my Mum for Christmas – this is the prettiest my toes have ever been, and has given me a strong desire for a pair of sandals to show them off to best advantage.

3) There has been knitting – including the hour+ in the chair having a pedicure. Cranberry-coloured Zauberball sock yarn, in a plain foot.

4) We saw out the old year and brought in the new accompanied by some unpleasant hangers-on. Both daughters acquired head-lice somewhere in the past few weeks (I blame international travel), discovered en route to my parents’ place, and we went through the process of alerting everyone we had contact with over Christmas (and yes there was some transference to at least one cousin) and treating all affected scalps before New Year’s Eve. However close inspection today revealed eggs on both heads, and baby nits on one, so I have just re-shampooed Sophie’s hair, stripped both girls’ beds again, will shortly re-rinse Sophie’s hair and then move on to Violet’s hair, followed by re-treating both girls with nit-removal conditioner, and spending half an hour (or more, with Sophie’s longer hair) combing it all out again. Next will be the spraying of car seats with insecticide and leaving it overnight, followed by vacuuming tomorrow. I should also vacuum the lounge suite.

5) I am not impressed by this addition to an otherwise lovely visit with my family.

6) We went to the beach the other day and I walked my dogs – one loves the water, the other is deeply suspicious of any water a) deeper than 3 inches or b) that chases you up the sand. It is so nice to have my dogs again.

Even if I did discover a flea on one this morning.



3 thoughts on “Nitting the New Year

  1. Ah the recurring nits, the ones you have to treat at least once a week for a month after you think you have gotten them all, just in case! What a pain.

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