Lazy holidays

We are enjoying a lazy Boxing Day, eating leftover roasts, playing with toys and wearing new Christmas clothes. With 12~18 people at various mealtimes it looks like there won’t be any festive food left to turn into increasingly odd combination meals – it’s almost untraditional!

I have been working on my Wingspan, and have done 4 wedges already, which could create a problem: we have 14 hours of driving to get to Coffs later this week (over two days), and then the same back again, and one wedge takes a little over an hour to knit. Wherefore is this a problem, you ask? Well, the Wingspan only has 8 wedges total (when knit in Crazy Zauberball and you only have one ball, like me), and 4 wedges puts me at halfway – I’m looking at enough knitting to get me to Blayney to see KissMyFrog, and then nothing for the next, and longer, journey! I have a sock on the needles, but the lace up the front requires a chart and I need easy knitting because reading in the car makes me queasy. I think I am going to have to cast on something new to occupy myself in the passenger seat – isn’t it a good thing that I packed extra yarn to get me through this month??

On that note, I’d like to mention that Tin Can Knits are having a Christmas giveaway for knitters everywhere – go to their Sharing the (knit) Love page, or their pattern page on Ravelry, put a pattern of your choice in your cart, then enter the coupon code to discount the pattern down to zero! I had a very difficult time choosing which pattern I liked most, but I’ve decided that I should branch out a little and have chosen the Low Tide Cardigan. I have recently acquired 2 skeins of Mad Tosh Sock in Malachite, and I think that if I can findĀ  something matching in a blue-green colourway for the lacy part at the top I will have more than enough yarn to make this tasty little cardi!

Lastly I’d like to thank TechKnitter for her fabulous video demonstration of how to steam the kinks out of yarn with an iron – I had to rip back the heel of my sock today because I had started half an inch too early, and I tamed the ripply, wiggly yarn with a few minutes of steaming, wound the yarn back up and started knitting again! It was just like magic!!

Sorry about the lack of pictures – I just feel too lazy to find one for you!

Happy Boxing Day!


4 thoughts on “Lazy holidays

  1. Happy Boxing Day to you too! Thanks for the tips about the free patterns and especially the steaming kinks out of yarn! That will be very useful.
    Have a wonderful trip to Coffs — lucky you realized in time that you need to have another project or two on hand.
    It wasn’t on my list for December or January but I have cast on a “plain vanilla” sock. I need something to knit while visitors are talking or grandsons are wreaking havoc all around me!

    • Thanks Lynne! Enjoy your plain vanilla sock – I’m contemplating a top-down raglan cardi in some dark green 5ply cotton. Maybe a simple eyelet rib pattern? I don’t have enough for a big garment, just a short cardi with short or 3/4 sleeves.

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  2. I saw the free patterns and chose a shawl. Going by memory here, I think it had roses in its name. I also bought LowTide. I can see a couple of granddaughters in it.

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