Longer update! (Warning: lots of pictures!)

It is Saturday morning, and in just a few more days we fly out of Hong Kong. We are excited to be going back to family and friends, but leaving so many wonderful people behind is very sad. At our knitters’ Christmas gathering on Wednesday night someone joked that I will be hosting next year’s event, and I am going to hold them to it! There will be many reminders on the Rav group next year 🙂

With end-of-year parties and leaving-Hong Kong-lunches and -dinners, plus the sorting, packing, selling and efforts to keep the family clothed and fed, there hasn’t been much knitting of large items. There has, however, been some smaller things:

Lucille baby cardigan, finished, buttons sewn on, and gifted to the father of the recipient:

Lucille baby cardi

This was a lovely little thing to knit. It turned out very well, and the cotton is smooth and a little heavy, so I think it will stand up to repeated washings really well, which is of course a very desirable thing in a baby knit!

Teeny Tiny Santa – for a Kris Kringle present at knitter’s Christmas do:

mini mochi 002

Adapted from the Tiny Gnome in Teeny Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec. Small, fiddly-but-fast, and such a satisfying thing to make!

The next four were gifts for my colleagues, for both Christmas and farewell. The Ladies made specific requests, and I decided my boss needed a reindeer to go with last year’s Santa.

Rudolph, pattern is Tiny Reindeer from Teeny Tiny Mochimochi. This one took a bit longer, but I was watching a movie at the same time so I was a little distracted.


Teeny Tiny Christmas Tree, which is naturally enough the Tiny Christmas Tree from YouKnowWhere. One of the fastest things to make, and luxurious too – the green is MadTosh sock!


Christmas Angel Fairy, based on the Tiny Bride from YouKnowWhere:


This was fast and fun, although I’m ashamed to say I forgot to give her arms, so she was gifted and then taken back for finishing, the recipient will be collecting her as soon as possible!

The last is a Teeny Tiny Christmas Lion in red, for both Christmas colours and Hong Kong colours, to go with the lion (both from here) that I made this person before:



I had lots of fun making these, even though they can be fiddly. I knit them very tightly on 2.25mm needles, so that the stuffing doesn’t show through. This can be hard on the fingers, but they only take an hour or two, and half of that is moving the needles around (by that I mean the longest stretch is about 6 stitches before you have to either turn or move to next needle in the round).

Most of my Hong Kong stash has now been packed for posting, with only the things I want to work on for the next month kept out. I just need to bind off and add buttons to my Decimal cardi to be done, but finding time is a challenging task, especially since I’ve had two abortive attempts to bind off already. This last one seems to be working well though, so wish me luck!

I may not have time to post until after we get back to Oz, so I shall wish you all a very Merry Christmas, full of family, friends and fun!


2 thoughts on “Longer update! (Warning: lots of pictures!)

  1. Yes, they teeny tiny whatsits are all very cute, but that pink baby cardi is an awfully hard act to follow…
    Travel safe. xo

  2. Very cute teeny tiny things. love the baby cardigan.

    Wishing you and the family all the best for a smooth transition between HK and home. And wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

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