Drive-by Blogging

    Decimal cardi still needs buttons, so is waiting patiently for those 3 final rows to be done.
    Baby cardigan is waiting for me to sew on the nice buttons I bought on Sat when I went to Sham Shui Po with a couple of the knitting girlfriends.
    I started a Wingspan (free pattern on Rav, too hard to link when typing on phone) in a blue green purple Crazy Zauberball – loving it!

My sock is ready for some action on the heel.

    Unsecret Christmas Knitting has been started! I asked my Library Ladies what they’d like, which takes the guesswork out of it! One down, three to go…. Pics once all are done and gifted, or check my Rav projects page later this week.

That’s all for now!

7 thoughts on “Drive-by Blogging

    • Me? Busy? Nooooo, never, I just like to talk it up while sitting on my lounge… (you believe me, don’t you – full-time job, 3 kids, husband, imminent departure from the country, I’ve got loads of free time!) (please note: it’s a good thing I’m typing this because I wouldn’t be able to say it clearly around the tongue planted in my cheek)

      Now, where’s my knitting????


    • Aren’t they though? I went for a walk and bought 3 different kinds today – I just have to lay them out on my cardi and pick which ones I like! (Drive-by reply)


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